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International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating the essence of womankind

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As a writer, I always try to bring social issues in light. The book “?????? ?? ???????? ” ??? ??? ?????? is collection of short stories related to life different aspects and emotions. One can easily get connected with them as we find all characters around stories comes from life.

One of my book named ” ???????????? ??????? ?????? ??????” is dedicated to women’s and related to other burning social issues. Two edition of book is on COVID 19 scenario and issues related to them named “?????? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ” part one and dusri lahar.” ??? ?? ????” ?? “??? ?? ???? ” these two books are totally based on poetry. One of English Poetry E- Book called Let Me Come Out ” is also available on Amazon /Kindle, Google Play Store. 14 joint anthologies also got published.

Keshi Gupta

My articles, poetry and short stories get space regularly in many different magazines and local newspapers of different states of India. I also got published as TOI citizen reporter many times. My success story was covered by an English Magazine “Elysian”.

Associated with many organisations and NGO. Was elected as Vinayak RWA President, Was an Advisory committee member and Was got elected as vice president of MC Vinayak CGHS. As a social activist, I never restricted myself and open for every social cause.

Got facilitated with many awards at different platforms like Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala award, Rahbr- e majlum award, G town award, FoxClues Women icon prime award, Harbans Lal award,Prakhar Goonj award and many more. Got honorary doctorate from WHRPC “Dr Rakesh Kalsi “.story mirror has honoured me as literally colonel.

“I break the bias of not to be a yes woman. I feel that woman could have her own opinion regarding every issue and there is no need to say yes everytime under any pressure. A woman has every right to give her opinion freely and I am doing this through my writing as a writer”

Dr. Ruchi Gautam Pant

PhD from amity university in the year 2018. To mention she also brought 2 research excellence Laurel home one from Oxford University and another from IIT Delhi in the year 2017 during her PhD tenure for her exceptional research work.

Year 2020 was the year of maximum achievements in life for her. She was awarded with “????? ?????? ??????” by “????? ????? ?????? ???” for her poetries touching May hearts and lives.

Year 2020 she also brought home the title and the crown for “Mrs. Delhi NCR Ravishing 2020-21 1st runner up” along with the subtitle of Mrs. Confident.

She is also the proud winner for the 2nd position for Indian iconic Poet organised by Kshitij (a poetry community) from Gurugram region.

During 2nd wave of corona she has been an active volunteer across states for Covid 19 support and her work was appreciated and she was called for online talks on Covid 19 situation handling by various Covid 19 volunteer platforms.

She currently works on a capacity of freelance researcher and model where she has done photoshoots for various designers and has promoted more than 30 brands till date as an influencer on her Instagram handle.

Therapeutic art and cooking mouthwatering dishes is her favourite pass time.

Best of all she is a mom of two beautiful daughters aged 11 and 7 now and these tiny girls have been her inspiration throughout her journey after being a mom. Her dad and her husband are two men in her life and all her strength.

How am I breaking the bias— I once read somewhere that changing the whole world is not one’s responsibility. Therefore, rather than taking “break the bias” at a larger scale, I am doing it just by setting a right example for my two lovely daughters. I have been showing them live examples of-
Nothing can stop you doing from what you wish to do, just the Will is required, rest are all excuses. That there is always a hope for new start in life.
You can fulfil your dreams at any point given in life.
A women is self sufficient, when it come to be playing different roles in life and yet can achieve things she has planned.
I am breaking the bias when I receive messages from women in my network and they say “You are really an inspiration”.

Akanksha Datta

An extrovert and a dreamer since childhood Akanksha Datta has always been a visionary and a go getter. Her versatility was visible since her school days where she attained several feats in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities at district, state and National level. She was the Director of Interact club (community service squad) and the Head girl of her school.  During her college days she served as a volunteer with orphanages and old age homes. A fashionista, she was also crowned the Beauty Queen of her college.

Over the years, after traveling across the globe and learning from different cultures and nationalities, Akanksha calls herself a constant learner. Founder-Akanksha’s Book Club, A columnist and content writer by profession and a book blogger and storyteller by choice, her life revolves around reading and writing. She reviews and recommends children story books on her blog and writes articles on all walks of life in leading newspapers in India.

Akanksha’s life changed the day she earned the crown of Mrs Delhi-NCR 2019. She entered the glamour industry with a bang. From being the muse for leading Salons of India to walking the ramp for the prestigious India Runway week, from being invited as Chief Guest at Rotary International conference to inaugurating art galleries at India Habitat Centre Delhi, featured in fashion magazines like, Grazia, Hello Mag, Femina, Beauty and the best etc. Photoshoots for leading haute couture brands and make-up artists, invited as a judge, panelist and counselor at several prestigious events, she has lived the life of her dreams.

Apart from all the work, Akanksha prioritizes her time for community service and actively volunteers for NGO’S on regular basis. Social work is a passion for her which she does with all her heart and compassion. She is an active volunteer for Robin Hood Army, community libraries and skill centers.

Her motto in life, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou

I feel I broke the bias by allowing myself to explore and learn from new experiences. Being a home-maker I made sure to stay self-motivated and follow my passion keeping a balance between work and home. I may not have reached my destination but my goals are definitely progressing towards it.

Neha Singhal

I am Neha Singhal, a Homemaker turned into an Author.
Life always gives us a chance. All we need is to make a choice. I always feel proud of the choices I made in life. From being a career woman to a homemaker and then to a writer, the journey was not so easy. All I had was my belief in myself and the passion to follow my heart. Slowly and steadily, I made my own path and managed to break the boundaries to fly the heights. So far I have independently authored two books, co-authored two anthologies, and contributed various articles and columns for newspapers and magazines.
We, the women, are God’s greatest creation blessed with ultimate powers. So, celebrate yourself every time and everywhere. Follow your heart and keep discovering and loving yourself.
Happy Women’s Day today and always!!




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