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GenZ Natural Techniques for Anger Management

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that, “For every minute of anger, you lose 60 seconds of peace of mind”. This means that in a year, if you lose your cool for at least a minute, this means you lose around 365 minutes, which is 21,900 seconds, of peace of mind. In order to save it, there are certain natural techniques through which the anger has a high chance to vanish.
By Saswat Mishra

Start Humming Music:
Music is one of the most calming elements for any human being when stressed. And when we start humming music during the course of anger, the adrenaline in our head that heats up, automatically cools down and gives a peace of mind.
Hug someone close to you:
When someone embraces you in anger, the positive energy of the other person goes into your body, calming your anger and giving you the peace of mind you require.

Use Humor:
If anger is not your regular proposition, then laughter can be the best medicine to distract you from the reason to enrage you. Think of something funny and watch something funny instead, to cool down and laugh out well.
When mentally not in a stable form, use the negative mental energy to build up your physical form as the adrenaline can be of the best support to give you a sense of healthy work out with lot of energy you require to make your physique.
Punching Bag:
When you vent out your anger, the satisfaction stabilizes the mental health and our well-being. Therefore, the best way to vent all our anger can be a physical force with all the energy applied on a punching bag, that not only strengthens your physical body, but also satisfies your inner rage with justified outcome.
After a rundown on all natural techniques to calm the anger down, there needs to be a self-control on it as well. Because, if the anger cannot be controlled, the negative energy and the adrenaline can cause damage to the brain cells, which can result in a brain tumor or possibly death. So, controlling anger is seeking a peace of mind you require always.



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