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You can reduce food waste by following these three simple steps

You can also start your own vegetable, fruit, or herb garden by recycling as much as you can. You can compost, and put nutrients back into the soil”
Besides being a social problem, food waste is also a problem for the environment. Therefore, it is imperative to take steps to avoid food wastage at all costs. Here are a few tips to help you get started.”Food waste is a more serious problem than most people realize. Our habits of overbuying food at markets, letting vegetables and fruits spoil at home and taking larger portions than we can consume put extra strain on our natural resources. Wasted food represents wasted labor, effort, investment, and precious resources. Wasted food contributes to climate change because it increases greenhouse gas emissions,”
There are three simple ways to reconnect with food and what it represents:

Reducing food waste at home and improving food storage. Consuming only what you need.
In case you don’t finish your meal, you can save it for later or use it in another dish.
Try to recycle as much as you can. Make compost to replenish the soil with nutrients. A green patch of fruits, vegetables, or herbs can also be started.
It is up to us to change our habits so that food waste will no longer be a problem! By working together for a better and more sustainable world.



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