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Yoga practice makes person healthy & fit

Shivani Saxena
Staying healthy is not easy but very important, there are many benefits to being healthy. Regular Exercising coupled with healthy and balanced diet goes a long way in keeping us energetic and healthy. It is essential to find some time to devote to one’s health, no matter how busy we are and whatever is our age.
Shivani Saxena

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to enroll in a gym, one can work out from home also. For starters, one such exercise is Surya Namaskar. It has many benefits like.

  • Improved Better digestive system.
  • Maintaining blood sugar level.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Helps the body to detox.
  • Improves Sleep

Another variation of Surya Namaskar, ie doing it at a very fast pace is a good alternate of Cardio Exercises one can do in the Gym.

As the country battles the Covid’19 pandemic, yoga has been rediscovered as a mean to boost immunity, improve overall health and wellbeing. Lack of proper sleep, poor nutrition and stressful life all lead to a weakened immune system and leaves us vulnerable to sickness. Unfortunately many such bad habits have creeped in our lifestyle and we need to make a conscious effort to make the necessary changes in our lifestyle. Practising Yoga regularly and consistently is one such good habit we can adopt.

We should also not undermine the benefit of drinking lots of water, it keeps us well hydrated and helps the body perform better.

Stay healthy, stay safe.



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