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hooded eyes makeup tips

hooded eye makeup

From all the features which we fuss over in a beauty routine, we’ve got to admit that the eyes are the toughest. From the surgical precision required to draw eyeliner to the resolve required to stop blinking when applying mascara, eye makeup takes dedication. So when one has hooded eyes, the level of difficulty increases. This is due to the skin flap on the eye lid which restricts most makeup techniques which are followed for almond shaped eyes. So if you find eye makeup for hooded eyes a tough task, worry no more. We’ve got 3 key eye makeup tips to follow for your hooded eyes to look sensational.

The false crease
Position yourself looking straight ahead in front of a mirror. Use this position as a standard and mark a false crease slightly above your natural crease. As the hooded flap covers your natural crease, an artificial crease is more visible. You can either use the false crease as a benchmark for your winged eyeliner or as a blending point for your eye shadow.

Give the lower lid its due
While everyone loves a feline flick of eyeliner, the hooded flap can limit eye makeup on the upper lid. That’s why it’s about time you gave your lower eye lid a little more appreciation. To do so, you can define your eyes by lining your waterline with a black kohl pencil or creating a subtle look by smudging a brown kajal pencil on your lash line.

Brighten your eyes
Even if you’ve gotten a full night of sleep, the lack of lid space can create the appearance of tired, fatigued eyes. Correct this by waking up your eyes with the strategic application of a gold toned eye shadow. Taking the shadow on a narrow brush, apply it generously on inner corners of your eyes, the inner and outer half of your lower lash line and continue to extend it towards your brow bone. This will give the illusion of larger lids and will reflect more light to brighten up your eyes.


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