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International Women’s Day Special Feature Break the Bias

Ms Shreya Sharma is an ambitious young entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, who studied  International relations at the prestigious Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and recently graduated from Cardiff  University, Wales with LLB Hons.

Although Ms Sharma came from an affluent family in the city, she always knew that she was to make her own mark in this competitive world.  After a lot of pondering, introspection, and hard work she successfully built a legal aggregator platform, Rest The Case, that strives to make legal information and services approachable to the nation. By the people and for the people, Rest the case offers infinite opportunities for lawyers and clients and makes the law accessible to everyone in just a few clicks. In just the first year of its inception, her company Rests The Case has been recognized as the best start-up of 2021 by the India 500. This award-winning company Is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to bridge the gap between the courts and the people. From starting her own company at the age of 21 to being a recipient of the India 5000 women achiever award 2021 she left no stone unturned to rise triumphant.

Breaking the bias:-

I have started my own company at a young age and have always worked very hard to make it work.

When I started my work initially I was advised by a lot of people to hire a C.E.O to help me manage my work and this suggestion usually stemmed from the fact that I was a young woman starting out on my own, my family however always believed I would be able to manage on my own and this kept me going.

People in my company are always hired because they work hard and not because of their gender. I have tried to inculcate this practice from the very beginning that the people we hire are there because we think they can do well.



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