In India, turning into a vegan can be categorized in many ways, as being vegan means to give up all the nutritional value coming from eating non vegetarian food, milk, dairy products and eggs. Hence, any dish which has mostly ample amount of spice...

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GenZ Natural Techniques for Anger Management

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that, “For every minute of anger, you lose 60 seconds of peace of mind”. This means that in a year, if you lose your cool for at least a minute, this means you lose around 365 minutes, which is 21,900 seconds, of peace of mind. In order to save it, there are certain natural techniques through which the anger has a high chance to vanish.
By Saswat Mishra

Start Humming Music:
Music is one of the most calming elements for any human being when stressed. And when we start humming music during the course of anger, the adrenaline in our head that heats up, automatically cools down and gives a peace of mind.
Hug someone close to you:
When someone embraces you in anger, the positive energy of the other person goes into your body, calming your anger and giving you the peace of mind you require.

Use Humor:
If anger is not your regular proposition, then laughter can be the best medicine to distract you from the reason to enrage you. Think of something funny and watch something funny instead, to cool down and laugh out well.
When mentally not in a stable form, use the negative mental energy to build up your physical form as the adrenaline can be of the best support to give you a sense of healthy work out with lot of energy you require to make your physique.
Punching Bag:
When you vent out your anger, the satisfaction stabilizes the mental health and our well-being. Therefore, the best way to vent all our anger can be a physical force with all the energy applied on a punching bag, that not only strengthens your physical body, but also satisfies your inner rage with justified outcome.
After a rundown on all natural techniques to calm the anger down, there needs to be a self-control on it as well. Because, if the anger cannot be controlled, the negative energy and the adrenaline can cause damage to the brain cells, which can result in a brain tumor or possibly death. So, controlling anger is seeking a peace of mind you require always.

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Growing Issue of Mental Health Struggles

Lately, more and more people are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, and sadly, the number of suicide cases is on the rise. You might have noticed that the news and entertainment industries are filled with stories about these tragedies. There are several factors that are leading to this surge in the number of suicide cases. A few of these are societal pressure, trauma, relationship issues, etc. One of the less talked about issues among many of them is mental health challenges.
There is no denying the fact that more and more people are struggling silently with their mental health, and it is affecting them deeply. They are dealing with a lot of pressures and this has made it difficult for them to deal with these issues. They are also unable to seek help from professionals like doctors and mental health experts. But it is important for them to take the right steps and pick up ways to make things better.
Understanding the Struggles
In today’s world, there are many things that can really affect our mental health. Social media, for instance, makes us compare ourselves to others and want to get validation all the time. The movies and shows we watch can make us feel like we are not good enough. With all these pressures, it is easy for feelings of not being good enough or feeling anxious to grow inside us. It is really important that we recognize and do something about these pressures because they affect every individual’s mental health.
Common Mental Health Struggles
There are some mental health challenges that many people face because of all these factors. Things like social media, work stress, financial issues, and what society expects from us can make us feel really bad. Mentioned below are some of the common factors that can lead to the development of mental health challenges in individuals:

Feeling Super Anxious: Always hearing about bad things on the news and trying to keep up with everything online can make us feel really worried all the time. We might worry about missing out or not being good enough.
Feeling Very Sad: Seeing everyone looking so perfect on social media can make us feel like we’re not good enough. This can lead to feeling really down and alone.
Worries About Our Bodies and Eating: Seeing everyone with “perfect” bodies in the media can make us feel like we need to look a certain way. This can cause us to have problems with how we eat and think about our bodies.
Getting Burned Out: Working all the time and not taking breaks can make us feel super tired and like we don’t care anymore. This is called burnout, and it’s not good for our mental health.
Feeling Alone: Even though we are always online, we might still feel really alone. Talking to someone face-to-face is different and can help us feel better.
Trying to Be Perfect: Society tells us we have to be really good at everything. While it is okay to want to do well, sometimes we feel like we have to be perfect all the time, which makes us really stressed and worried.
Stress from School or Work: Trying to be the best in school or at work can make us super stressed. This stress can make us feel like we are not good enough.
Money Worries: When we don’t have enough money or have debts to pay, it can make us really anxious and sad.
Using Technology Too Much: Spending too much time on our phones or online can be addictive and make us feel more alone and disconnected from others.
Dealing with Who We Are: Sometimes, society and our families expect us to act a certain way because of our culture or gender. This can make us feel like we don’t belong or like something is wrong with us.

Common Mental Health Challenges Affecting Individuals
There are several mental health issues that can affect an individual due to societal pressure, altering the way how he/she feel, think, and behave. They are things that many people experience, and they can make life a bit harder. Here are some of the common ones:

Anxiety: Sometimes, we feel super worried or scared about things, even if they might not be a big deal. This can make our hearts race and our bodies feel tense.
Depression: Feeling very sad and down is something that happens to many of us. It can make everything seem gray, and we might lose interest in things we used to enjoy.
Eating Disorders: Sometimes, we can worry a lot about our weight and what we eat. This can make us eat too much or too little and feel really bad about our bodies.
Burnout: When we work a lot without breaks, we might feel exhausted and not care about things anymore. It’s like our energy is gone.
Loneliness: Even when we’re around others, we might feel really alone and like nobody understands us. It’s a sad feeling of being disconnected.
Perfectionism: Wanting to do well is okay, but sometimes we feel like everything has to be perfect. This can make us super stressed.
Stress: If we worry too much about doing well in school or work, it can make us feel really stressed out. We might feel like we can’t handle it all.
Financial Stress: Not having enough money or worrying about bills can make us feel really anxious and sad.
Tech Addiction: If we’re always on our phones or online, it might become a problem. It can mess up our sleep and make us feel lonely.
Cultural and Identity Struggles: Sometimes, we might feel like we don’t fit in because of our background or who we are. This can make us feel really bad about ourselves.

Why It Is Hard to Get Help?
Even though so many people struggle with their mental health, it is still really tough for them to ask for help from professionals. There are a bunch of reasons for this:

Feeling Ashamed: Some people think they’ll look weak if they ask for help because society still doesn’t understand mental health very well.
Scared of What Others Think: People worry about what their friends, family, and even doctors will say if they admit they’re having mental health issues.
Thinking They’re Weak: Some think that getting help means they’re not strong enough to handle their own problems.
Losing Control: Asking for help might feel like they’re giving up control over their own feelings.
Not Sure What to Expect: They might not know what talking to a mental health professional will be like and are worried it might make things worse.
Trying to Downplay It: Some think their problems aren’t serious enough to need help.
Bad Past Experiences: If they’ve tried getting help before and it didn’t work out, they might not want to try again.
Cultural and Gender Norms: In some cultures, mental health is still not talked about, and some gender roles can make it harder for people to seek help.

How We Can Make Things Better
To stop this increase in suicides, we need to do a lot of things together. We need to change how we think about mental health. Talking about it openly can help people see that asking for help is strong, not weak. Schools need to teach about mental health so that we all understand it better and don’t judge others. Governments can also help by making mental health services available in all places, especially in rural areas where it’s hard to find help.
We need to make sure that people don’t feel alone in their struggles. Local groups and community centers can offer support and teach people how to help each other. We can teach teachers and community leaders to spot signs of people struggling. All of these things combined can make a big difference in stopping suicides and making everyone’s mental health better.
Today, it has become common to see more and more people struggle with their mental health, and it is really concerning. The media and societal pressures make things worse, and many people are too scared to ask for help from professionals. But if we work together, we can change how we think about mental health and make it easier for people to get the help they need. It is important that we all understand that mental health struggles are common, and seeking help is a strong and brave thing to do. By doing these things, we can make sure that mental health becomes a priority, and we can replace darkness with hope.
By Dr. Shradha Malik – CEO, Founder of Athena Behavorial Health

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How Pandemic Brought Change In Fitness Industry’ In Utsav’s Words

Getting into health and fitness and prioritizing to join the gym isn’t easy—we know! But staying on the right track and operating in the direction of your fitness dreams is essential.
Although this pandemic state of affairs has brought about the sudden cessation of virtually all of the outdoor activities of all of the individuals, it has profoundly hampered the bodily sports of health freaks (folks that often visit the fitness center for their bodily health), like gyms and different such locations were close down because of the lockdown.
This led to sudden troubles for health freaks, who used to spend a enormous quantity of time for ordinary exercising with a purpose to preserve their bodily health, fitness, and appearance, appear to have determined no vicinity to this point within side the literature on the subject of the contemporary pandemic state of affairs.
Supposedly, the specific studies of such human beings, their fitness troubles, and the approaches wherein they’ve handled those troubles in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic have remained underexplored. Also, it’s far famous that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for human beings to thoroughly preserve their regular bodily hobby styles at home.

Keeping this adverse situation in mind Utsav launched ”Transformation for Good ” (TFG) the name itself says transforming into something good. Started in August 2020 with a sole mission to make people aware of their Health through a Fitness diet or programs. As  health is the biggest wealth and one should take proper care of their health to avoid weakness, obesity, diseases from various mediums.

This pandemic has also taught us a lesson that our inner will power and immunity plays the key role to live a healthy and good life. Reaching out people online to make people aware of their health graph and with the dedication and strong approach it is growing and revolutionizing the Fitness Industry and captivating workout on online platform. Successfully reached 3000+members not only in India but also members connecting from US, Canada, UK, Paris, Middle East, Singapore and Many other Asian and western countries connecting via Net and seeking the fitness sessions with daily or weekly fitness plan.

Major aspect many were facing “DEPRESSION”

How Exercise helps to fight against  Depression: Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and also it lowers the rate of depression. Research has shown that exercise is an effective form for treating mild to moderate depression. To fight against depression “Exercise can be the best Solution”, where the mental instability of a mind can lead to a fresh restart to a certain extent where a person feels left out and low workouts can refresh and will keep the body warm and healthy and can make this hustle free life more steady and going.

Nothing is impossible it seems and failure is always a key to Success.

According to Utsav” This pandemic has taught us a lesson that nothing is more important than being fit within or out. People are more concerned nowadays about their health, fitness and lifestyle. The only way to lead a happy and fit Life is to Eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend time with loved ones, family or friends and a stress-free Sleep.

Definitely this will help one to grow and shine in their prospective field and will give mental stability and will also create innovations.” Sharing his personal experience with depression Utsav said ”I myself went through depression once and had a vilest phase in life to Quit! I failed twenty-one times and more but that “Hope” within me has lit every time and now it has done wonders for me.

I want to revolutionize the Fitness Industry and to appeal to everyone from my experience that “Please! Don’t easily give up, RISE and start again and keep trying.” Starting such Venture at this young age has not only boosted my unique ability but also has motivated me to live a Happy and Stress-free Life”…concluded Utsav Ghosh.

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What millennial Parents look for in Baby Skin Care Products’?

Natural baby skincare products can be a safer option, when it comes to childcare, many of us will agree that ancient child care methods are today backed by science, with the backing of Modernity and advancement to provide a safe and nourishing skincare solution for children many of us look upon the products that have natural ingredients.
With such a concept, CITTA Range comprises baby-friendly products, made of natural ingredients, entrenched with deep research and study, for happy millennial parenting Inspired by the traditions and knowledge of childcare passed down by grandmothers to mothers, the Dadi Nani Ke Nuskhe is what CITTA’s range of baby care products pride in.
Newborn baby skincare is a delicate matter. In the early months, as your baby’s immune system develops, you’ll want to use the mildest cleansers and the smallest bit of lotion. But when dry skin, eczema, and diaper rash appear, it’s time to treat those problems.
Your newborn needs dye-free, fragrance-free baby skincare products. If there’s a newborn in your family, here are a few tips before you start shopping:-
Read labels carefully
Baby skincare products that contain dyes, fragrances, and chemicals can irritate a baby’s skin and breathing.
Natural baby skincare products are safe for most infants. But if you have allergies or asthma in your family, your newborn may also be sensitive to botanicals and herbs in some products.
The label “hypoallergenic” can be misleading. The term means that the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the product is gentler on the skin than other products.
Therefore,  each product by CITTA is free from phthalate- and paraben-free. Those chemicals are potentially harmful to babies. Each product has been designed with thought and age-old wisdom married with state-of-the-art technology and natural Indian ingredients.
Natural baby skin care products are safe for most infants
But if you have allergies or asthma in your family, your newborn may also be sensitive to botanicals and herbs in some products.
Keeping in mind the tender and fragile skin of babies and toddlers, CITTA’s formulations are Safe and Tested that work well for the fast-paced demanding self-sustained life of millennial couples today. That is why they are developed using natural ingredients.
Look for products that are phthalate-and paraben-free
CITTA guarantee is free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral Oil, and allergens. Keeping the motto of transparency as a way to serve each parent, CITTA mentions each ingredient clearly on its packaging. Whether it is the various natural oils, the oat silk, or the multiple extracts, each one of them has been combined with precision in a controlled environment and has received all the safety approvals. Ranging from hair and body cleansers to massage and oiling products for babies CITTA has introduced 11 SKUs that are dermatologist approved, plumed with skin-friendly pH, using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and are cruelty-free.
Baby Skin Care Products
As you set up the baby’s skincare products corner, here are a few products to be a must
Baby Balm aka (body butter) is the first Indian baby balm by CIITA. It is loaded with the goodness of Shea butter, which fights dryness and provides deep nourishment to a baby’s skin. It is a soft and supple anti-microbial formula that provides longer-lasting moisturization due to its unique blend of 7 nourishing oils that provides nourishment, protection, and replenishment and the love of natural antioxidants.
Baby soaps, washes/cleansers, and shampoos: Cleansers and washes are mild and safe for newborns. But use baby soaps sparingly, as they can dry newborn skin.
Foaming Baby Wash and Shampoo: This is a great way to help keep skin clean and moisturized at the same time, Baby Shampoo with no more tear formula is easy to help clean the scalp and hairs soft.
Baby lotion Helps moisturize newborn skin. Use sparingly on tiny newborns.
Moisturizing Baby Balm: Can be used to treat diaper rash. It provides the baby’s skin with a protective barrier against moist diapers. You may be asked to apply it to the healing circumcision site.
Baby oil: This classic is best used as a massage oil for newborn skin, not as a moisturizer. Newborn skin does not absorb it well. Similarly, the specially formulized Baby oil is an amazing amalgamation of 12 Nourishing oils. Nonallergic, non-sticky, a fragrance-free formula, the Nourishing Baby Oil is anti-microbial Anti-inflammatory.
Baby powder: If using baby powder, try to find powders that are talc-free and take care to keep them away from the baby’s face and genitalia. The talc or cornstarch in the powder can cause breathing problems a supreme absorption capacity and allows its skin-friendly pH properties to help your baby’s skin stay fresh throughout the day.
Culminating out of love and experience in child care over the years, CITTA is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Akanksha and Monisha Sharma who bring a gift of baby-friendly products for millennial parents. The brand envisions providing the same love and cares that a grandparent would, while today’s parents juggle personal growth and parenting altogether. Working on the principle of ‘Tradition backed by Science’ all CITTA products are a culmination of best practices in baby-rearing and caring. Powered by the prestigious Lexicon Group (Pune), this homegrown brand brings to millennial parents specially curated baby products for the age groups of 0-5 years.

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According to Oxford University Press, anxiety is the children’s word of the year

Using their recent research, Oxford University Press (OUP) has chosen ‘anxiety’ as the word of the year for children.
Oxford University Press (OUP) had surveyed roughly 8,000 children aged 7-14 from 85 schools in the United Kingdom. Kids were asked to select the words they most often used to talk about health and wellbeing.
Over twenty percent of students chose “anxiety” (21%) as their number one word, reflecting the widespread impact lockdowns and school closures had on their wellbeing.
“Challenging” came in as their second choice (19%) closely followed by “isolate” (14%). “Wellbeing” (13%) and “resilience” (12%) were also in the children’s top five words, demonstrating their positive attitude in the face of recent challenges, according to OUP,’ reads a report by The Bookseller.
In response to the survey’s results, The Children’s Society’s executive director of social impact, Joe Jenkins, told the Guardian that ‘it was concerning that anxiety had been chosen as the top word, but not surprising considering all the restrictions and changes children have been subjected to’.
Teachers were also asked to select the top words they used to communicate with students about health and wellbeing, especially in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Among the top three words chosen by teachers were “resilience” (31%), “challenging” (19%), and “wellbeing” (18%).
According to The Bookseller, Helen Freeman, director of early childhood and home education at OUP, believes that language is crucial to self-expression, learning, and wellbeing. Specifically, the findings emphasize the important role teachers play in equipping children with appropriate vocabulary for expressing their emotions and supporting their wellbeing. The importance of supporting children’s language development at home and in school has therefore never been greater.”

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A ‘danda’ adds some fun to Malaika Arora’s daily workout.

I like to add a bit of fun to my daily routine by adding core strengthening poses like Trikonasana and its variations,” Malaika said. Even if you have mastered a yoga pose, you can always improve. In her challenging fitness classes, Malaika Arora shows us how to do that. Malaika mastered Parivrtta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle pose recently, but with a twist. The 48-year-old used a stick or ‘danda’ in the practice.
Here’s how to do it.
*Avoid doing this pose if you have a neck or back injury.
The pose strengthens and stretches the legs, and opens the chest which improves breathing, and helps aid balance. Doing it with a stick adds more pressure to the workout and keeps the core engaged.

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All you need to know about designing a home gym that you’ll actually use.

No matter if you want to burn off those holiday cookies or achieve a healthier lifestyle, a home gym can be more convenient – and safer, as the pandemic continues.
For many people, the start of a new year means setting new fitness resolutions. A home gym can help you burn off all those holiday cookies or get in shape to start off a healthier year – and keep you safe from the pandemic. It’s not a necessity to have a dedicated home gym, but if you have the space, it can be a real luxury – especially if it’s well designed. To make it a place where you’ll enjoy spending time, give it some thought and concentrate on “It should have a pleasant atmosphere and suitable lighting.
Designers told us how they create a gym that is hard-wearing and a pleasure to use.
 Choose a well-lighted room.
Although it’s nice to have adequate space for your gym, it doesn’t need to be a huge room. “It’s not the darkest and most obscure corner of the house; on the contrary, it’s a bright, sunny spot.”The gym should be located near a bathroom, because “chances are, you’ll want to shower after your workout.” If you’re going all out, add a steam room or sauna to the gym. Knowing which equipment you will actually use is important since there are many ways to work out, from free weights to elliptical machines. There is now a blend of technology and luxury in the gym, and that’s the best ever.” Interactive fitness systems like Mirror, Tonal, and Forme are as unobtrusive as a wall-mounted mirror or picture frame.
Develop a plan for Gym layout.
It takes more than stacking equipment in an unused room to design a home gym – it requires creating a layout that flows.”If there’s a treadmill, there needs to be space behind it, in case someone falls off.” As well as space between machines.”Electrical outlets are essential near machines like treadmills and Peloton bikes, so extension cords don’t run across the room add floor outlets directly below the machines. Leaving open space in the middle of the room will make your gym feel less crowded, and will also enable you to practice yoga, stretching, and calisthenics.
Address the floor and walls beautifully.
A gym’s flooring and walls should be durable and easy to clean. Another option is to use cushioned mats, which can be laid out separately in discrete workout zones across a hard floor of wood, laminate, or concrete. “I would recommend two mats – one for weights, one for yoga.” Mats can also be positioned under stationary bikes to dampen noise and catch sweat drops.
Pay attention to internal lighting.
You do not need to flood your workout space with the kind of overhead light you’d find in a commercial gym. Dimming multiple fixtures with multiple layers of lighting can provide a more inviting atmosphere and allow light levels to be adjusted to suit various activities.
 Furniture and Accessories.
If you keep your gym clean and tidy, you will find it easier to stick with an exercise routine. Consider where you’ll store foam rollers, resistance bands, or boxing gloves when you’re not using them. In addition to providing a place to rest between exercises, benches, stools, and chairs can also be used to throw towels. Add audiovisual equipment to the room if you like watching TV or listening to music while you exercise. Consider installing a small station similar to a kitchenette when space permits. There is also a space for clean towels and a hamper for used towels. Our goal is to make it look and feel like a high-end gym as much as possible.


In a 1K -km bicycle ride, Milind Soman completed the ‘Green Ride’

To make the environment healthier, MilindSoman said simple steps like joining a carpool, planting trees, cycling instead of driving, and quitting smoking play a huge role.
In order to raise awareness about air pollution, fitness icon MilindSoman rode his bicycle 1,000 miles from Mumbai to the national capital.
The 56-year-old barefoot marathon runner cycled 150-km a day to propose state gas utility GAIL India Ltd’s ‘HawaBadlo’ campaign that promotes use of cleaner fuel and healthy lifestyle to tackle pollution.
The ace started his journey from Mumbai on December 3, 2021 he reached the national capital on Sunday evening.
At a function organized by GAIL here to mark the conclusion of the run, the supermodel said small changes – such as walking or cycling for short distances need to switch over to cleaner energy sources as EVs and CNG would make a big difference to the world.
Soman, who prefers running over cycling, says he took to the bicycle after four years to test his physical fitness. “Actually it wasn’t tough.”
Every individual has to set physical goals and exercise daily.
“Nature did not create our mind and body for comfort. It is designed for challenges, hard work. If you don’t use it for what it is made for, it will degenerate,” he said.
The Green Ride passed through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana before reaching the national capital.
“If we eat healthy, live healthy, we won’t have to worry about the environment,” he said. “If we make right choices for individual health, consume as much as necessary, if we chose health less polluting fuels such as electricity, that is going to make a big difference.”
GAIL chairman and managing director Manoj Jain, the firm’s Director (Marketing) E S Ranganathan and Director (Finance) R K Jain were present on the occasion. While Jain said, he has always been at the forefront of the fight against air pollution.
More than two decades ago, the company began as a natural gas transporter and marketer and introduced CNG in the nation’s capital in a bid to combat pollution caused by alternative liquid fuels.
Its social media initiative ‘HawaBadlo’ which strives to raise awareness against the menace has reached netizens over 100 million times.
“As part of its commitment towards raising responsiveness for sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle GAIL partnered with ‘Green Ride – EkPehalSwachhHawaki Ore’ which is a unique initiative by MilindSoman to raise awareness and inspire people to do their bit towards cleaner air,” Jain said.
Soman said small steps like opting for a carpool, planting a tree, choosing to cycle rather than take a car, and quitting smoking play a huge role in making the environment healthier.
“Will continue to champion for this cause and other important ones through more such initiatives in the future,” he added.

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Push out the stress from you and bloom all over

Modern lifestyle has brought into use machines, made life easy and is limiting the scope of physical activity. Busy and hectic work schedule and mismanaged lifestyle accompanied with consumption of processed food has widened the scope for stress in people and specifically the younger generation. Research data by American Psychological Association states that around 61% of stress is caused due to work and job pressure. Apart from work pressure and job insecurity, there are significant other reasons causing stress. Broken or insecure relationships, financial insecurity, late night work schedule, pleasing others and developing impressions or failing to meet are a few reasons that are highly seen as a cause of stress.
Well, now to call it an everyday partner, stress is turning out to be the evil in human life. The transformation in the food habits and adoption of western culture had already brought quite havoc in the lives of people. Consequently, stress is adding as an inducing factor to disrupt the lives of people physically and behaviourally. Stress has two specific enemies to be termed in a layman’s language. One is cortisol and the other is adrenaline. The more a person gets stressed, the amount of these hormones increases and the body functioning gets disturbed posing serious health risks.
To be more precise, the fact that is of high importance is that there are risks of getting various diseases due to stress. The unmanaged lifestyle and work pressure not only makes the person feel worried but also gives a long term problem attached with it. A few of serious illnesses caused due to stress are:
Heart Diseases
Until now, we knew that long-term stress can result in heart attacks. But the closely produced fact found by scientists is that cortisol changes the colour of the white blood cells, thereby encouraging the cells to attach themselves with the blood vessel walls. This causes the formation of plaque, which is a key factor for heart related problems.
Depression and other mental disorders
Well, this is a previously known fact that stress is the major cause of depression and has everything to do with mental health. Also the research reports have stated that the cortisol level in severely depressed people was too high, which can result in permanent damage to brain cells. Stress plays with hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine that majorly affects the mood, appetite and sleep functioning of a person creating a chronic issue.
Ulcers and stomach problems
It has been found that stress is a major factor for weakening the immune system. As a result, the elevated level of stress in the body allows the bacteria to grow in the gut because of weak immunity. So, in problems such as stomach ulcer, indigestion, heartburn and ulcerative colitis, stress happens to be the ultimate reason.
Now, the question is do we have any solution for these stress related disorders? Can we not take the help of medicines? Is there a natural solution for this never ending stress issue? Fortunately yes, we have that effective solution that can give a new perspective towards life. And that magical solution is Yoga. Yoga has a solution for many illnesses and more importantly stress. It’s not just about the twisting and turning of the body but it’s all about the calmness that these activities provide to both body and mind. Studies have come out with the fact that people who practice yoga for at least 3 months have been found with lower cortisol levels. Although it is an ancient practice, it is giving after effects in the modern days and has been found reliable by many. Here are a few yoga asanas that will act as a cure for prolonged stress:
This asana stretches your thighs and ankles and thus helps in relieving the stress by calming the mind. Apart from stress, it is also beneficial for people with neck and back pain. You just have to kneel down and sit on your heels. Now, bend forward till your chest touches your thighs and keep hands on side. Breathe lo9ng and deep and then come to the normal state. Keep repeating it for 10 mins and you can find it as a good way of stretching.
Just like Balasana, this pose is a beneficial form for the spine and lower back. This asana is a great stress reliever, improves digestion and stimulates the liver. Sit down with your feet extended forward. Bend and hold your feet with your hand till your stomach touches your thighs. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and then change back to normal.
This asana is also known a s eagle pose and is a best way for improving concentration and dealing with anxiety. Stand straight and cross your legs and hands like an eagle. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and then rest back to normal. It also helps to calm the mind by making it focus on the body.
To remove exhaustion and anxiety, this asna is the best remedy. This asana is a great posture corrector too and helps in lengthening the spine. You just need to sit down with a straight spine and extend your feet. Now gently bend your left foot and place it under your right knee and right feet under your left knee. Slightly twist yourself to either side and focus on your breathing. Hold one position for 60 seconds and then move to another.
The need of the hour is to improve our lifestyle, change our food habits and incline ourselves more to physical activities. Though we would find it hard to accept, in ancient times people were stronger because of mainly the physical activities and lifestyle. So, if ever you find yourself stressed, just go for a bit of yoga and relax your mind and body. It’s your body and you certainly need to take care of it.
By Virika



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