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Benefits of Bro Code

When someone turns more than your best friend and is like your family, you call him a ‘Bro’, in short for ‘Brothers’, be it a guy or a girl. And to maintain the brotherhood, GenZ have come up with a new term, which can also be called a fun shaped agreement, named the ‘Bro Code’. As you know, there are many benefits of friendship and brotherhood, but benefits of bro code are some new merits of bro code:

Your bro can spare or sacrifice anything or anyone for your sake, be it newly proposed girlfriend, or a newly wedded wife.
Your bro is always supposed to be with you to share his/her happy moments and also rejoice with it, and also cry with you during your sad moments.
Your bro will always try meddle with you and try to harm your peace, but will never let anyone do anything bad to you.
Your bro will do anything, even take life threatening risks to make it up for you, if you are upset about anything.
Your bro will always try to find some fault in your talent and skills, in order for you to upgrade yourself more and supremely talented.
Your bro can sometimes falsely blackmail you for the stuff you didn’t do and make you do something awkward. But you should learn to enjoy it.

Therefore, the bro code has these benefits of awkwardness, yet satisfying bond, that makes the friendship and the brotherhood stronger than before.

By Saswat Mishra

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Locations in India with No Summer Heat

The season of summer tires every individual, be it a college going student, or a daily working employee. At some point of time, the heat becomes unbearable for people living in the cities and the plains and plateaus. However, India has certain places where summer can’t do anything to the people who reside there. Those places are completely cool in climate and are mostly situated in hilly areas:
Auli, Uttarakhand:
A hill station situated in Uttarakhand with artificial lakes, temples, trekking and skiing spots. Even during the summer season, the climate is pretty chilled and therefore, it doesn’t let the people suffer from the sun’s heat.
Leh, Ladakh:
The high-altitude cold desert situated in the North India stays cool in climate all year. With no summer heat, you get to experience the snow-capped mountains even during the month of April.
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu:
Despite being situated in South India, Kodaikanal is the hill station situated in the Ghats and is one of the coldest places in Summer. Definitely, Southern region residing people have this advantage to stay there to escape the summer heat.
Darjeeling, West Bengal:
Being a part of the Himalayan Region, Darjeeling keeps the summer cool and people residing there have the merit of not facing the drying heat due to the hilly regions of West Bengal.
Being a North Eastern state, Sikkim goes maximum up to 24 degrees Celsius which is almost like the coolest temperature in Southern Cities. Therefore, Sikkim never knows what it feels to be under the sunlight and bearing the heat of the sun.
India explores all climatic conditions and has certain places to avoid certain disturbing climates, which are these locations, that avoid the summer heats to fall on the people, and therefore, allowing them to live peacefully.

By Saswat Mishra


How Are Humans Still Better Than AI

In today’s world, AI is taking over many fields in distributing content. It is also in the developing stage of taking few jobs of humans as its own, which can result in many people is giving up their jobs as they cannot compete with AI. However, there are certain points where AI cannot ever compete with humans.
|| By Saswat Mishra

Firstly, the creation of AI is done by humans. Plus, as the name ‘Artificial Intelligence’, it displays all the content and skills that aren’t realistic, but artificial. Therefore, the content created by humans can be well researched and even used by the creative intelligence by the humans.
Talking about creative intelligence, the humans are more creative in thinking with the ideas never discovered before or never implemented before. However, the AI suggests the already used ideas as reference and makes the work easier rather than unique.
AI delivers content that requires less of human workload and therefore, it separates the hardworking outcomes that result in certain appreciation, an AI based outcome won’t be accepted.
Whenever a human based outcome fails, the feedback and the criticism make the human retry and work better and give better results and outcome as well. However, when the AI based outcome gives bad results, it doesn’t realize where it went wrong and therefore, remains as it is.
AI Bots and Tools are somewhat a half process completed, with only the suggestion of ideas and plans, which should later be implemented by human workforce. However, the human workforce during the planning and ideas’ stage, can also contribute for the implementation.

Apart from this basic differentiation, AI has several more incompetencies in the current stage that can be worked on, however, it requires human workforce in it as well. No matter how high end technically successful and useful AI might be in the later future, its starting creation comes from the humans which can’t be ever changed. If the AI goes big in the future, it is because of the high thinking ability of the humans to develop the workforce in order to decrease the stressful moments for the companies, instead of just gobbling up the employees’ jobs and employment.

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Bollywood Characters teaching us how to live life

Many of us learn many things, be it music, be it fitness or be it the looks from Bollywood characters that turn iconic and loved by the audience. However, many of those well-known characters also teach us how to live life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it.
Aman Mathur, from Kal Ho Naa Ho:
Played by Shah Rukh Khan, Aman is a happy-go-lucky nature and a problem-solving youth, being everyone’s favorite for his cheerful and funny banters. His belief is to live life like there’s no tomorrow, hence the title of the film.
Geet, from Jab We Met:
Played by Kareena Kapoor Khan, a geeky and fun-loving girl who wishes to experience adventure at every point in her life, which also included eloping with his friend to his boyfriend’s place, in order to escape the marriage being organized in her house.
Laila, from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:
Played by Katrina Kaif, a scuba diving instructor in Costa Rica, Spain, who wishes to embrace every possible joy in life and seizing the day and also believes to reform her love-interest Arjun, played by Hrithik Roshan, from an uptight trader to a life living adventurer.
Bunny, from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:
Played by Ranbir Kapoor, an aspiring world traveler and DOP, who wishes to travel around the world, explore and live different lives on the edge, that also included his friends’ trip to Manali where he made many memories and also found his love-interest Naina, played by Deepika Padukone.
Jehangir Khan, from Dear Zindagi:
Played by Shah Rukh Khan, despite being a psychologist and a therapist, he shows life from all possible perspectives to be lived according to, as well as, going with the same flow and enjoying it with Kaira, played by Alia Bhatt.
Annirudh, from Chhichhore:
Played by Sushant Singh Rajput, a freshie engineering student who lives in H4, the hostel section tagged for ‘Losers’. However, he teaches that it doesn’t matter being tagged as a loser, but what matters is how the losers’ team up and try their best to win. Also, if the losers stay together, they live life not worrying about how they are called.
Like these characters, they teach us different ways how to embrace life happily and not worrying about the problems given to us or any ailment we are suffering from.
By Saswat Mishra

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Extreme Sports For Adventure Junkies

Playing sports keeps us fit, but some people not only play to stay fit, but to also boost their excitement and adrenaline. And as Billie Jean said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right. Then they play more.” Therefore, some people play until they are tired of playing and not because they win or lose. Here are some extreme sports for such high-adrenaline adventurers:
Cave Diving
One of the dangerous sports that adventurers explore underwater caves. There are high chances of risk like low visibility, lighting failure, air loss and predators in the sea. Therefore, participating in this sport is like a reminder to sign the life insurance form before diving into the sea caves.
Wingsuit Flying
The higher version of adventure through sky diving is the wingsuit flying. Rather than just free falling, you also glide along with the wind with suit which makes you fly. The only danger falls when you have to land. Because, while sky diving, you don’t need to control yourself with the wind and land with the parachute opened in the midair. However, while flying, you need to stabilize your body with the wind direction and land gradually.
Heli Skiing
Skiing requires a lot of practice and balance when attempted to practice in the mountains. However, the control and the balance are more dangerous to handle you are connected to a helicopter with a harness. The lose of balance can lead to the helicopter dragging you till the base in an uneven position that can be dangerous.
Volcano Boarding
Climbing or trekking a volcanic hill is initially tiresome as it requires a lot of agility and energy to climb a hill and that too, a very steep one. As you reach the top, you get a thin plywood to board down the hill. The steep height makes it dangerous to descend with the thin board for a person, which is why a person needs to maintain its balance.
Ice Climbing
Holding ice on our hands makes it go numb, right? Well, there’s a sport that makes us climb the frozen waterfall, which is known as ice climbing. Much as dangerous as the rock climbing, the climb needs to be done with full agility and energy and should remain intact the whole climb. However, during ice climbing, the disadvantage is the holding support.
These are the few dangerous extreme sports that require high adrenaline and adventure seeking youth and individuals who have the spirit to win these sports with their energy and optimism.
By Saswat Mishra

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Unusual Study Courses Around the World

In order to secure a job, college degree is the basic requirement. And as Malcolm X had said, ‘Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today’.
By Saswat Mishra

No matter what skill you wish to possess, in today’s world, every occupation has course to cover and receive degree for. Here are some unusual courses you can study and cover around the world:
Surf Science
In this course, people can learn and prepare for their careers in surfing, which is a sport activity people train themselves for. Taking an example of John Tonkin College in Australia, the institution offers this flagship training that focuses on aquatic training and education.
Zombie Studies
There is a course that focuses and implements learning biological factors and psychology of humans revolving around zombies. This course makes people learn about cells, enzymes, pathogens and disease outbreaks generating humans to zombies. Several Universities in places like Columbia, Georgia, California, etc, focus on these courses.
The entertainment program that is made for children and every feel-good theatre lover is the puppet show, as it creates a great impact of clean display of entertainment to small town and urban audiences altogether. In order to organize such programs, there is a course that teaches how to make the puppets and how to move them with your fingers. From local Indian institutions to high end international colleges, this course is well taught to students wishing to deliver entertainment.
Comedic Arts
Apart from film making, script writing and creative scenario learning, there is also a rare degree that teaches how to become a great comic artist with different types of comedies. Be it physical, verbal or silent, every kind of comedy is taught. In Amazon Prime, there was a show named Comicstaan, where different comedians show and teach contestants on how to conduct comedy sets.
Baking Science
Ever wondered why the cakes shown in the travel channels like TLC, are so classy and well made with different types of props and mixes? It is because the bakers are not only trained in making such cakes, but also are trained to create them well and good looking. The course of baking science involves the aspects of chemistry, where different chemical reactions and concoctions are tested if they are edible to put on cake or not. Since the COVID-19, many people have taken interest to learn about baking cakes and therefore, the course gets more recognition than ever.
Despite being unusual, the course degrees play a great role in giving occupation to people with certain skills to portray in different fields, be it sports, culinary or higher psychology.

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GenZ Natural Techniques for Anger Management

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that, “For every minute of anger, you lose 60 seconds of peace of mind”. This means that in a year, if you lose your cool for at least a minute, this means you lose around 365 minutes, which is 21,900 seconds, of peace of mind. In order to save it, there are certain natural techniques through which the anger has a high chance to vanish.
By Saswat Mishra

Start Humming Music:
Music is one of the most calming elements for any human being when stressed. And when we start humming music during the course of anger, the adrenaline in our head that heats up, automatically cools down and gives a peace of mind.
Hug someone close to you:
When someone embraces you in anger, the positive energy of the other person goes into your body, calming your anger and giving you the peace of mind you require.

Use Humor:
If anger is not your regular proposition, then laughter can be the best medicine to distract you from the reason to enrage you. Think of something funny and watch something funny instead, to cool down and laugh out well.
When mentally not in a stable form, use the negative mental energy to build up your physical form as the adrenaline can be of the best support to give you a sense of healthy work out with lot of energy you require to make your physique.
Punching Bag:
When you vent out your anger, the satisfaction stabilizes the mental health and our well-being. Therefore, the best way to vent all our anger can be a physical force with all the energy applied on a punching bag, that not only strengthens your physical body, but also satisfies your inner rage with justified outcome.
After a rundown on all natural techniques to calm the anger down, there needs to be a self-control on it as well. Because, if the anger cannot be controlled, the negative energy and the adrenaline can cause damage to the brain cells, which can result in a brain tumor or possibly death. So, controlling anger is seeking a peace of mind you require always.



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