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Book Review: Marrying Happiness

Author : Arun Malik
Genre : Motivational Quotes
My Rating: ????
Available on : Amazon
Pages : 153

My Take:

The first thing which will attract you to this book ” Marrying Happiness ” is it’s beautiful and cheerful cover. No matter what any one will say, cover plays a strong role in choosing a book. This is a book full of soulful and heart touching Quotes.
The different quotes are perfect for different situation in life.

Each quote is unique and perfect . In our life we often need some quotes to motivate us , guide us or just to make us feel better. If you need comfort ,quotes are best thing for it.
Marrying Happiness by Arun Malik is a beautiful collection of motivational quotes. All the quotes are amazing and one can stay motivated during tough times. This book is just like a guide with lots of life lessons.

There are all kind of quotes. You can relate with them in any situation. You can read them any time you are feeling low or lonely. There are deep meaning in each one of them. I literally read them again and again. These are amazing beyond words . You can feel them in heart.

This book is a collection of 140 quotes in two parts . First part will take you to struggle of the life and the second part will define the true happiness of our life which is not materialistic .
This book is divided into two chapters

1)First chapter is,

“Getting up from down under “-

This section contains inspiring sayings about getting up from tougher times. My Favourite quote from this section is-
” Formal education brings only knowledge, the learning comes from life’s experience.”

2)second chapter is,
“Happiness is inside” –

This section is about innate happiness. My Favourite quote from this section is –

‘Those who spread Happiness around others are it’s biggest recipient too”.

This Book mainly focuses on how you can change your mind-set to a positive one, then improve upon your potential and be more happy. It even throws light on the brighter side of life. It gives you a lesson that Tough times comes in one’s life and go, they don’t stay for long way with you.

One can draw a lot of positivity from this book. You can feel flow of positivity from its words and it directly hits the target by delivering the right message. The quotes on tough times are really empowering and moulds a positive attitude in the readers mind. The book clearly depicts that tough times are to be embraced rather than waiting for it to pass away quickly.
I am really going to write few of them in bold letters to read repeatedly!!

Review by: Sneha Prakash



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