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Effect of lifting weights and exercise on on periods

Periods are natural but sometimes inconvenient part of women’s life.
|| Shalini G

My monthly cycle would throw off my workout completely but I understand my body needs better so instead of retreating to bed and feeling sorry for myself .I make better choice,listen to my body and continue my training.i ‘d love to help you to the same!!!

Because of harmonal changes we feel back pain,nausea,cramping and cravings of sweets. So ear healthy during periods drink lot of water and one best thing we can do while on periods is exercise.

Working out can actually help relieve in anxiety,mood swings, depression and back pain you feel better after exercise, exercise can help reduce cramps and boost your mood, exercise gives you more energy to beat the fatigue.

May be during mansuration cycle you don’t feel more energetic b,you may feel more fatigued than normal,you feel less motivated but over all you are still capable of what you would normally might not feel up to working out at your intensity,but your body is still equipped for what ever type of exercise you can handle .

During cycle can drag your mood but it does not mean you can stop lifting weights during periods.

You may feel tired while lifting weights in mensuration because less drinking lot of water, drink fruits juices ,eat lot of vegetables can help you in this.

You can go yoga ,walking , light jogging,light weights, cycling,cross trainer etc.
Exercise during periods can combat mood swings and help with PMS and it might also be solution to a menstrual block and help to regulate irregular periods naturally.

No study has ever found negative effects or health risk from working out during periods.infact study has shown that training the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle actually optimizes your result.”training during the first two week of the cycle is more beneficial to optimize resistance training than last two weeks”.

So keep working out ladies and girls.

Shalini G

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