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Fitness – A Sign of Self-love

Manpreet Kaur

Fatness to Fitness is the most debated topic in today’s world. Most of the teens and young adults are influenced by movie stars and models who keep their bodies fit and healthy. The misconception of the youth is to reduce weight and look beautiful rather than staying fit and healthy. Men want to look hefty whereas women want to look slim and glam. As a result of consciousness of the outer appearance, people forget how they torment their body by taking steroids that damages the organs. Care for one’s body, the attention they give to the looks is appreciable but often people forgets to understand the primary goal of staying healthy and fit which helps us glow from the inside.

Fitness – A Sign of Self-love

A healthy life keeps an individual happy and cheerful. Spreading love to the world happens, when it overflows from within. Love and care that we give to ourselves help to create energy and a positive vibe around us. The first step towards self-love is being happy about how you look and feel great for the way you are. Taking a lot of inputs or comments from others about one’s appearance ruins their confidence and satisfying other ruins their happiness. Both aspects affect your health internally and externally. Fitness is not working hard in the gym or doing heavy workouts and torturing your body. It’s as simple as bringing small changes in the lifestyle like changing preference of taking stairs or taking a walk to the nearby store. Fitness is not only about the looks, it a way of pampering that you give to yourself. When you give up on something that you love to maintain your physical appearance is not self-love. It’s a way of punishing yourself; it’s an act of being unkind to oneself. Strict diets may look as if you look healthy but it’s more like injecting an adulterate a healthy vegetable or fruit to make it look fresh and attractive. Intake of all kinds of food helps an individual healthier and happier from inside and exercising helps an individual to energize and stays active all day.

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Exercises – Power bank of the day

Everyone knows that exercising is good for health; keep us fresh the entire day and it is an important part of our daily lifestyle. But it looks like a herculean task that is ready to swallow us when we starting doing exercises. Most of us would have gone through this before. Have you ever thought why exercising or the workouts are so hard and painful? It’s because we fail to enjoy doing workouts. There are no ground rules for exercising. The ultimate aim of exercising is to stay fit and active. But not all of us understand that rather we are either concentrate on looks or calculating the calories that we had burnt on that day. Say, for instance, practicing for the cultural events at school or college always excited us. We never bothered about the amount of energy that we spend while dancing or enacting a play. Playing with children at home gives us so much happiness and joy; calories are burnt even in that process. Every individual is unique and their way of functioning of the body and mind is also different. It is important to identify your exercise routine to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Benefits of staying fit and healthy
  • Reduces health problems
  • Improvise mental health
  • Create rapid connections between the brain tissues
  • Strengthens the confidence
  • Trains to lead a systematic lifestyle
  • Exercises help us to move out of the comfort zone that opens the opportunity to new challenges in life
  • Gives more time and space for self-love and love others

Stay healthy and spread love!!!

By Akshaya Jayakumar

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