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Now is the time to realize your dreams

Shivani always anticipated a normal life just like any other girl hailing from Delhi. She never had very high aspirations or life-sized dreams. She even got what she ever hoped for; a quality education, a promising career, a lovely married life as a working woman as well as a homemaker and two wonderful kids. But then life does not always work the way you expect it to. It has its own ups and downs. It sometimes shatters you completely from inside with a cruel blow and then uplifts your spirits with a truly amazing and unexpected gift, reviving you with the strength to move on.

That’s the story of Shivani Saxena, a 43-year-old wife, mother, lecturer, homemaker, fitness enthusiast and model. Shivani did her schooling from DAV model school and her Graduation from Delhi University. She also did Teacher’s Training and a Fashion Designing & Merchandising course besides accomplishing her Post Graduation in Textile Science.

Shivani Saxena with Family

Shivani has been married to Saket Anand for 22 years who is a working professional with an MNC. Apart from being a caring and loving spouse, Saketisalso a doting father. Shivani and Saket were blessed with a son, Vedant and a daughter, Saanvi. Just when life seemed perfect and Shivani considered herself fortunate enough to have such a wonderful family, fate had something terrible in store for them. Two years back, seventeen-year-old Vedant was snatched away from them by the cruel hands of destiny in a road accident. Shivani’s world fell apart and she felt as if she will never be able to overcome her grief. But thankfully with the support of her loving husband and her in-laws, she conjured up the strength to fight her anguish and managed to get back on her feet again.

Despite of her attractive looks and pleasing personality, the thought of modelling or participating in a Beauty Pageant never crossed Shivani’s mind until she turned forty. But as someone has very rightly said; it’s never too late to start dreaming. Shivani came to know about the ‘Mrs Delhi NCR’ beauty pageant on social network. She enrolled and was not merely shortlisted to participate but ended up winning the title of “GOODWILL AMBASSADOR Mrs Delhi NCR 2019”.

“I always kept myself well-groomed and fit but it was only after forty that I seriously considered pursuing modelling.  Participating in the pageant was my first step in this direction and since then I have done various fashion shows & photo shoots for magazines, clothing brands and jewellery.”, replied Shivani when asked about her new-found passion.

Shivani Saxena

Shivani gives the credit of her success to her husband and her in-laws, especially her mother-in-law who stood by her for every career choice she made. She says when her kids were young, she took a break from her career to focus on her children but as they grew up, she decided to concentrate on her career again and pursue her own interests. This decision of hers was also supported by her family.

When we asked Shivani to share the secret of her everlasting beauty and fitness, she had the following pearls of wisdom to share, “I have always taken pride in following a healthy lifestyle, I stay away from Junk food and enjoy simple home cooked food. I drink lots of water, I believe in the practice of sleeping early and waking up early. I do Yoga and Aerobics at least 5 days a week, which improves my metabolism and keeps a check on my weight.”

Shivani Saxena stands today amongst us as an embodiment of the quintessential woman whose unyielding and undying spirit motivates us to bounce back no matter how rough life treats us. She is a true inspiration and a living example for our those readers who dream of becoming something in life but either think that it’s too late to realize their dreams or are too bogged down by the tribulations of life. KUDOS SHIVANI!!



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