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Here are some tips to revamp your old clothes into new

The dresses that are worn out are often discarded, but what happens if you were in love with the touch and feel of a particular dress and somehow don’t want to discard it even if it doesn’t fit you anymore. Modify your worn out or old outfits into something more meaningful that you can carry on wearing in the present day.

Ashima Sharma, owner of Ashima S Couture and Nidhi Yadav, founder, AKS Clothing are sharing some tips to modify an existing outfit that is worn out.

*Making a top out of a worn-out dress: Take your dress and cut it the required size of a top and sew the raw edges from inside. Then, using the dress’ inseam as a guide, cut the top of the dress’ sleeves down to where it hits the mid-section of the upper arm. Now, sew 1/4th inches of the raw edges inside the sleeves to create a clean edge. To make it look more stylish, take a yard of a ribbon and cut it in half and sew one ribbon per side, to the inside of the dress. Now tie these ribbons to create a cute bow on your shoulder.



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