In a 1K -km bicycle ride, Milind Soman completed the ‘Green Ride’

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To make the environment healthier, MilindSoman said simple steps like joining a carpool, planting trees, cycling instead of driving, and quitting smoking play a huge role.

In order to raise awareness about air pollution, fitness icon MilindSoman rode his bicycle 1,000 miles from Mumbai to the national capital.

The 56-year-old barefoot marathon runner cycled 150-km a day to propose state gas utility GAIL India Ltd’s ‘HawaBadlo’ campaign that promotes use of cleaner fuel and healthy lifestyle to tackle pollution.
The ace started his journey from Mumbai on December 3, 2021 he reached the national capital on Sunday evening.

At a function organized by GAIL here to mark the conclusion of the run, the supermodel said small changes – such as walking or cycling for short distances need to switch over to cleaner energy sources as EVs and CNG would make a big difference to the world.

Soman, who prefers running over cycling, says he took to the bicycle after four years to test his physical fitness. “Actually it wasn’t tough.”

Every individual has to set physical goals and exercise daily.

“Nature did not create our mind and body for comfort. It is designed for challenges, hard work. If you don’t use it for what it is made for, it will degenerate,” he said.

The Green Ride passed through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana before reaching the national capital.

“If we eat healthy, live healthy, we won’t have to worry about the environment,” he said. “If we make right choices for individual health, consume as much as necessary, if we chose health less polluting fuels such as electricity, that is going to make a big difference.”

GAIL chairman and managing director Manoj Jain, the firm’s Director (Marketing) E S Ranganathan and Director (Finance) R K Jain were present on the occasion. While Jain said, he has always been at the forefront of the fight against air pollution.

More than two decades ago, the company began as a natural gas transporter and marketer and introduced CNG in the nation’s capital in a bid to combat pollution caused by alternative liquid fuels.

Its social media initiative ‘HawaBadlo’ which strives to raise awareness against the menace has reached netizens over 100 million times.

“As part of its commitment towards raising responsiveness for sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle GAIL partnered with ‘Green Ride – EkPehalSwachhHawaki Ore’ which is a unique initiative by MilindSoman to raise awareness and inspire people to do their bit towards cleaner air,” Jain said.

Soman said small steps like opting for a carpool, planting a tree, choosing to cycle rather than take a car, and quitting smoking play a huge role in making the environment healthier.

“Will continue to champion for this cause and other important ones through more such initiatives in the future,” he added.



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