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Let’s Make this winter Joyful and healthy

Sanvi Arora

Winter Season has its own importance as well . It is useful to make health and is good for walk in the Morning , whole environmentIs full of fresh air to breath in, the onset of winter mornings are so bright and low heat sunlight.

Unfortunately, loads of  vehicles and fire in fields have increased environment pollution. There are chances of increase in diseases also. But, Fortunately, nature have given us natural solution to prevent and cure diseases. likewise:-

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables:

These are full of vitamin c , fiber and antioxidants. These are good for skin and metabolism. Cirtus fruits also help us fight cold and viruses. Regular consumption keeps virus at bay. The fibers in them also help us control Cholesterol. All  types of green vegies are superb for winters meals.They contain vitamin A, C, K, iron and minerals.

Tulsi , Ginger , Mulathi , Honey , Garlic:

During winters, you can add them all the more times in your meal as it keeps the body warm and helps fight infections and viruses that might cause cough and cold . Garlic have antiviral and antibacterial properties  that protect you from winter infections.

Dry Fruits :

Almonds , Walnuts , Dates , Peaches , Apricots , Peanut , Cashew , Pista , raisens , Figs are full of fiber which boosts  brain health . It is known as powerhouse of nutrients. It provide us with more health benefits but ifonly eaten in moderation .Excess of eating them can create ailment like puscells may increase , Yellow or pale urine , Urine infection, rashes on skin ,acne problem or ulcers in mouth etc . It is very  nutritious snack for winters.

Paronthies and Pinnis:

The onset of winters makes us crave for paronthies and pinnis. These  are comfortable foods for winters but unfortunately quite fattening. You should not fry paronthi, but use homemade butter to enhance the taste of stuff paronthi. Pinnies are everyone’s  favorite sweets . You can have one pinni everyday with a glass of milk for  breakfast . But with regular exercise ,that won’t increase your weight.


Water is the most neglected nutrient in winters. Actually, we do not feel thirsty in winters as lot of moisture is already present in the body . But our body requires water indirectly.  You can change the flavor of water by adding mint or lemon slices or tulsi in lukewarm water. Keep  it at your desk and enjoy sip by sip at regular intervals throughout the day.

Exercise and sunrays

Morning walk and deep breathing is essential for healthy body .In winters ,this much exercise keeps you warm, active and infection free.

Early morning sun rays are beneficial as it gives us Vitamin D.

By Dietician Ritika Bansal

Dietician Ritika Bansal

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