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Lockdown: Perfect time to care your skin

Here are a few summer skincare routine that be effective in keeping your face clean and radiant. The scorching heat can take away your natural glow and make your skin look dull. In normal situation, you could have headed towards a parlour to get a nice facial done. But in lockdown, you need to take care of your skin on your own.
Sapanpreet Adlakha

  • In summer, you must look for a face wash that can remove the excess oil from the skin. Also in case you have dry skin, choose a non-foaming cleanser.
  • Exfoliating skin helps in removing the dead cells from the pores so that your skin can breathe. It can also rejuvenate your skin and keep it healthy. To exfoliate, you can use a nice face scrub available in the market.
  • In summer the scorching heat opens up your skin pores and that leads to clogging of these pores by dirt and oil. By using a toner, you can close the skin pores and prevent acne.

I hope you all like the tips.

(Sapanpreet Adlakha | Passionate Makeup Lover, Motivational speaker & Model)

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