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“Nuqta-e-Nazar” a Jugalbandi of Art, Poetry and Music

A Jugalbandi based on Dr Urshila Chanana’s Book #Nukta-e-Nazar was held on 17th December 2018.The Musical evening was hosted by IKA , Inner Konnect Art; Curator & Artist Gaurav Chawla & Ruchi Chadha.

The evening was witnessed Dr. Urshila Chanana reading her book Nukta- e – Nazar with musical Rendition of Nazamz by Rene Singh. Urshila Chanana recited poems inspired by the artworks displayed by artists Gaurav Chawla, Ruchi Chadha, Sabia Khan, Mousmi Deka and Siddharth Jharia at the gallery. Artist seeks inspiration from music and the Jugabandi by Dr.Urshila Chanana and Rene Singh was a beautiful compilation of Art, Poetry and Music for them.

The evening was mesmerized by the passion of Urshila Chanana’s words, her alfaaz in her Nazamz and the conviction in her voice. It so aptly echoes the sentiments and invariably the focus of artworks of the paitntings themes.Each of Nazamz was like a conversation – a guftagooh . It was thought provoking and zestful at the same time.Ms.Rene Singh A well known as an extremely Versatile trained Classical Singer impacts this beautifully with her melodious voice.

The eve of poetry and music wias a treat for the art lovers, with a display of art exhibition curated by Gaurav Chawla & Ruchi Chadha. Many dignatiries from the music & poetry industry were present at the event including Manish Pushkale, Nelofar Currimbhoy,Rashmi Vaidyalingam and many other personalities.



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