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Salma Khan – “One Woman – Many Facets”

Salma Khan is a Super Model | Designer | Stylist | Groomer & a Booming Business Facet...

We Visited Salma’s Brand Outlet & What we found is a Multifaced Personality. So let’s see what all we got from her…

She is an Icon, an Ambassador, a Humanitarian, and a WOMAN.

Meet Salma Khan…

Mrs. Central Asia 2018

Mrs. India Photogenic 2018,

She is also “Mrs. Talented” and Brand Ambassador of “No domestic violence” , one voice GOONJ. She is the recipient of the La’Colors Women Achiever Award 2018 for excellence in beauty and fashion industry. She has also been felicitated by My FM, as most prominent personality and interviewed in their exclusive show EK Mulakat.

She is certified grooming and styling expert, has makeover for many leading models like Deborah Dorris, Rhea Reshambhari, Pooja Sharma and many more. Recently interviewed for National channel 121 for the making of a model, an expert take on grooming and styling.

Salma Khan

Lunette… from where this came in your mind?

Lunette is the Latin synonym of my Urdu name SALMA, it means goddess of moon or abundance of moonlight. I wanted to name my fashion label which express me, from where my design ideas originated.

What Lunette expertise in fashion industry?

Fashion is forever but trends will be new, for lunette knows just what next will ensue. One may be simple or elaborate, light or glittery, dreary or glamorous Lunette serves customized design solutions. It’s all about culminations of matriculation and adaptation. The designs at lunette are always inspired by the one who are familiar with who they are and portray the exact in their work.

How Salma as designer feel to add to the fashion industry?

I have always been ardent fan of designing and I believe in doing it my way. As I believe that everybody needs a makeover at least one in a lifetime. Fashion connotes the way of living of each of us and lunette understands the inner feeling of everyone to present herself according to her thinking & protruding one’s lifestyle.

What are your future plans as Lunette?

I see myself as chief editor in any of leading fashion magazine, and as a global fashion label in coming years

What do u think about showcasing your brand at national fashion show?

It is to bring the change, to introduce the world with the beauty around them by capturing it in the form of robč where every detail is well cared of, be it the fabric or design.

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