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Experience Art, Healing, and Creativity: Varunjai Sahni’s ‘Sarvam’ Exhibition, Nov 25 – Dec 4

Step into a luminous sanctuary of healing colours and infinite possibilities at Varunjai Sahni‘s “Sarvam” exhibition at The Stainless Gallery.  Chief Guest Mrs. Rama Pandey (Author, Theatre Artist & Journalist) opened the exhibition on Saturday, November 25th, 2023 in the presence of distinguished guests from different walks of life. This immersive exhibition of abstract art invites viewers to explore the tapestry of emotions that lie within us all.
Sahni‘s paintings are vibrant, expressive and each one is a unique journey into the human soul. His use of colours is masterful, with each hue carefully chosen to evoke a specific feeling. From the soothing azure depths of the ocean to the fiery embrace of the sun, Sahni‘s paintings transport viewers to a realm of deep introspection and healing.
His art is more than just visually stunning: it is also deeply emotionally resonant. His paintings speak to the universal human experience, exploring themes of love,  joy, loss and hope. As viewers immerse themselves in Sahni‘s world, they are invited to reflect on their own lives and journeys, and to find solace and inspiration in his work.
“Sarvam” is not just an exhibition of art; it is an invitation to heal. Sahni‘s paintings are a reminder that we are all connected, and that we all possess the power to heal ourselves and others.

In addition to the exhibition, Sahni will also be hosting a series of art workshops and interactive events. These events are designed to help participants tap into their own creativity and experience the healing power of art firsthand.
“Art is my way of living and expressing life,” said Sahni. “It’s like a balm for the soul, a refuge from the storms of life. It is a mirror that reflects our deepest selves, and a window that reveals the infinite possibilities of the human spirit. Through my artwork, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. May my work ignite the spark of creativity within us all, and inspire us to transform our lives and the world around us.“
Sarvam invites one and all on this journey of healing and inspiration. To experience the tapestry of healing colours that make up the world around us, and find solace in the depth of each stroke and the healing power of every hue.

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COVID delayed several major art exhibitions in the Capital

Several art exhibitions in Delhi were postponed due to rising cases of COVID.
Several artists booked the venue at Delhi’s Bikaner House for an exhibition more than a year ago. As a result of the rising number of COVID cases in the Capital, the tripartite exhibition of Sakti Burman, Maite Delteil, and Maya Burman has been postponed from January 13 to 22.
The show had been planned months in advance in hopes that things would have gotten back to normal by now, but who would have thought it would be this way. Despite being ready to mount the exhibition, the space has been closed due to the increasing number of cases. As soon as we receive new directives from government sources, the exhibition will be rescheduled.
As COVID cases in the Capital spiral out of control, several major art exhibitions are being postponed, although private galleries are still allowed to operate. Renu Modi, director of Gallery Espace, says people have reservations about visiting galleries at a time like this. In the first week of December, the opening of her last exhibition in the gallery was well received, but given the current situation in Delhi, she has decided to postpone the opening of her next exhibition, which is the solo exhibition of artist Manisha Gera Baswani. ‘It won’t be fair to the work.’ People won’t flock to the gallery. “I think we’ll open it in April,” Modi says.
There were several exhibitions of prominent artists in Delhi during the fourth quarter of 2021, but with India experiencing the third wave of economic growth, the art industry remains cautious. A key element of India’s culture calendar, the India Art Fair (IAF), was moved from February to April (April 28 to May 1). IAF’s director, Jaya Asokan, said, “Everything else remains the same: the venue, fantastic art, and a huge celebration of culture in a safe environment.”. I’m sure the future will be unpredictable, but I’m confident that India Art Fair will deliver a fair as dynamic and fresh as ever this April.”.



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