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How Are Humans Still Better Than AI

In today’s world, AI is taking over many fields in distributing content. It is also in the developing stage of taking few jobs of humans as its own, which can result in many people is giving up their jobs as they cannot compete with AI. However, there are certain points where AI cannot ever compete with humans.
|| By Saswat Mishra

Firstly, the creation of AI is done by humans. Plus, as the name ‘Artificial Intelligence’, it displays all the content and skills that aren’t realistic, but artificial. Therefore, the content created by humans can be well researched and even used by the creative intelligence by the humans.
Talking about creative intelligence, the humans are more creative in thinking with the ideas never discovered before or never implemented before. However, the AI suggests the already used ideas as reference and makes the work easier rather than unique.
AI delivers content that requires less of human workload and therefore, it separates the hardworking outcomes that result in certain appreciation, an AI based outcome won’t be accepted.
Whenever a human based outcome fails, the feedback and the criticism make the human retry and work better and give better results and outcome as well. However, when the AI based outcome gives bad results, it doesn’t realize where it went wrong and therefore, remains as it is.
AI Bots and Tools are somewhat a half process completed, with only the suggestion of ideas and plans, which should later be implemented by human workforce. However, the human workforce during the planning and ideas’ stage, can also contribute for the implementation.

Apart from this basic differentiation, AI has several more incompetencies in the current stage that can be worked on, however, it requires human workforce in it as well. No matter how high end technically successful and useful AI might be in the later future, its starting creation comes from the humans which can’t be ever changed. If the AI goes big in the future, it is because of the high thinking ability of the humans to develop the workforce in order to decrease the stressful moments for the companies, instead of just gobbling up the employees’ jobs and employment.



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