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Wonder the best beard style in 2022, Here’s Some Trends To Follow

Beards have become a popular trend among men. We might wonder what the best beard style will be in 2022. There is a style for every face shape when it comes to growing one. Most B-town stars have mastered the art of growing beards. Here are some well-known beard trends that will have you covered throughout the year, from looking edgy AF with stubble to achieving the ‘rowdy’ look with a full-grown beard
Remember to choose a beard style based on your face shape before settling on anything. Choosing a style that suits your face shape, regardless of whether you have a scraggly bush or a voluminous growth, can work wonders for your personal style.
Biker Beard – For All Face Shapes

If you are looking at a dramatic option to rock that beard, here’s how you can switch things up a bit. Being a part of the biker subculture, a biker beard has extra length below the chin area. A lot of men don’t tend to opt for this trend but believe us, this bushy-yet-stylish beard adds a sense of jaggedness to your look, stat. For men with a prominent jawline, biker beard is what will earn you style credos.
The Classic Beard – For Elongated Faces

A classic beard gives you a dialed-down, neater appearance. This beard style is neither too long nor too short, so it immediately draws everyone’s attention. It is recommended to opt for short hair to complement the classic, modern appearance. For a true vintage vibe, you can also try side part pomade. If you have a round face, reduce the hair on the sides and grow it down to keep it longer. It will suit your face shape and if you wish to hide your double chin, this is your cue!
Thin Beard – For A Squarish Face Shape

Instagram/Zayn Malik
You can accentuate your jawline with this beard trend. To grow a moustache, all you need to do is blend it with your beard. Men who wish to achieve a mature appearance without compromising their age should wear thin beards. You’ll be fine as long as it’s neat and well trimmed!
Fuller Beard – For Elongated Faces

One thing we are sure about a full beard is that it’s harder to grow than it looks. It is a slow and gradual process that calls for careful grooming. You need to ensure that your beard is styled properly and not just that, you need to make sure your barber knows the exact haircut that goes with your full beard. If you have an oval face shape, this beard trend is for you. For men with a slim, narrow face, you can keep the sides longer instead of growing it down your chin. Get creative and see the magic happen!
The Beard Stache - For Round & Square Faces

© Instagram/Ranveer singh
The beard stache may be a rare beard breed but tbh, this stache definitely shows the experimental side of you. A light and a classic alternative for summer days, this moustache is a hybrid where it is kept longer than the beard surrounding it. The best part? It works well on most face shapes! The beard stache instantly adds ruggedness and men with a prominent chin and wider philtrum can go for it.
Van Dyke Beard Style – For A Triangular Face

© Getty Images
You can choose the Van Dyke beard style if you want to add a distinctive twist to your appearance. It features a goatee with cheeks and a long, classy moustache. Curl your moustache every now and then to keep things cool! This beard trick is a saviour for men who struggle to grow a full beard.



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