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Unusual Study Courses Around the World

In order to secure a job, college degree is the basic requirement. And as Malcolm X had said, ‘Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today’.
By Saswat Mishra

No matter what skill you wish to possess, in today’s world, every occupation has course to cover and receive degree for. Here are some unusual courses you can study and cover around the world:
Surf Science
In this course, people can learn and prepare for their careers in surfing, which is a sport activity people train themselves for. Taking an example of John Tonkin College in Australia, the institution offers this flagship training that focuses on aquatic training and education.
Zombie Studies
There is a course that focuses and implements learning biological factors and psychology of humans revolving around zombies. This course makes people learn about cells, enzymes, pathogens and disease outbreaks generating humans to zombies. Several Universities in places like Columbia, Georgia, California, etc, focus on these courses.
The entertainment program that is made for children and every feel-good theatre lover is the puppet show, as it creates a great impact of clean display of entertainment to small town and urban audiences altogether. In order to organize such programs, there is a course that teaches how to make the puppets and how to move them with your fingers. From local Indian institutions to high end international colleges, this course is well taught to students wishing to deliver entertainment.
Comedic Arts
Apart from film making, script writing and creative scenario learning, there is also a rare degree that teaches how to become a great comic artist with different types of comedies. Be it physical, verbal or silent, every kind of comedy is taught. In Amazon Prime, there was a show named Comicstaan, where different comedians show and teach contestants on how to conduct comedy sets.
Baking Science
Ever wondered why the cakes shown in the travel channels like TLC, are so classy and well made with different types of props and mixes? It is because the bakers are not only trained in making such cakes, but also are trained to create them well and good looking. The course of baking science involves the aspects of chemistry, where different chemical reactions and concoctions are tested if they are edible to put on cake or not. Since the COVID-19, many people have taken interest to learn about baking cakes and therefore, the course gets more recognition than ever.
Despite being unusual, the course degrees play a great role in giving occupation to people with certain skills to portray in different fields, be it sports, culinary or higher psychology.



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