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“Believe in your dreams and work on it – This is my mantra…” DJ Farmeen

Farmeen Rahman, known as DJ Farmeen is one of the Indian DJs who has successfully been able to motivate aspiring female DJs to try their passion in the field of music. With a degree of Journalism and Mass communication, Farmeen has served as International Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways in her 20s. She is a complete clubbing soul, a nightlife lover and possesses a great understanding of music.
The Asian Chronicle got DJ Farmeen to answer some of the questions related to her journey and life of a Female DJ in India.
Interview by Bhoomika Mohan

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you begin your journey as a DJ?
Since my childhood, I have a sense of emotional attachment with the beats of music. Whenever I listen to the beats, I can feel them running through my body. I’ve been lucky to realize that at a very tender age. After my schooling was complete, I started attending DJ concerts and I could feel the urge to develop songs on my own. This urge got me to join a dj academy and that was where I learned all the basics.
Luckily, within a month, I started getting gigs from different clubs in Bangalore. And that was how my career as a DJ began.
Who do you admire in the industry? Is there someone you look up to, for inspiration?
Yes, of course, I  admire Martin Garrix, Hardwell and  Nervo. I love listening to music. I also love the way they perform and they inspire me by how they have established themselves in the industry.
For me, internal motivation is the key. Inspiration comes from everywhere, but most of the time, it is from the audience in front of me. It is just the music and the crowd. It gives me pure joy when the entire crowd unites on my music.
Do you think gender biases exist in the industry? Or do you think the scenario is improving!
If I speak very personally, I don’t think there are any gender biases in the Industry. Anyone who has required talent gets the chance to perform. It is only about how aware you are and how smartly you grab the opportunity in front of you. In fact, it is female DJs these days who are in huge demand than the males DJs.
Do you think Indian society is becoming more accepting of female DJs? Were your parents supportive?
Yes, I am very proud to say that Indian Society is becoming accepting of female DJs. Nowadays, most of the events in clubs or even at private parties, people prefer female DJs.
As far as my parents’ reaction is concerned. I have been very lucky. I think they’re the most important people in my journey. Had they not supported me in everything that I wanted to do in my career, I wouldn’t have been here.
Do you often find yourself faced with concerns about morality? How do you deal with unfavorable reactions? Do you ignore them or encourage meaningful discussion?
Thanks to Allah, I have never faced negative feedback. I welcome critics, they help me get better at work, and I admire my followers, they help me grow. They never question morality. I believe in positivity and spreading happiness and surround myself with people who do the same.
Do you prefer to live gigs and tours, over studio recordings and album releases?
Yes, I prefer to live gigs and tours because they give me a chance to feel a direct connection with the audience. I also make remixes and release them every month. Currently, I am working on an original track which will be released pretty soon.
Is there a word of advice you would like to give to the upcoming DJs, especially females?
Believe in your dreams and work on it- This is my mantra. I follow the very basic “Never give up” approach. Life is full of surprises, welcome them. If u are really interested and dedicated to work for something, I believe no one and nothing can stop you. This industry is very welcoming. Follow your passion and work harder than yesterday. That is what I’ve got to say to the aspiring DJs.



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