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Hello, Style Hut readers! Parenting, nurturing and navigating a child is not an easy task. As schools are closed, let us understand how we can deal with childcare during a quarantine. We all may already be feeling the challenge of social distancing, a.k.a. lots of together time. This shift to being homebound carries some moral ideas that may help to navigate our children to cope up with their future :

Apart from teaching them to be hygiene, wash their hands frequently, cover their mouth by a mask and stay indoors, we can also ask them what they know about the virus and the response. Keep asking if they have questions. When children know the problem, they want to know the PLAN; you don’t have to have a solution but let your child know how you are planning to stay safe and informed. Will there be enough food? Do you have the supplies you need? Let your child know that it’s okay to be worried. But assure them that this worry is temporary and that they can ask questions at any time. We’re all in this together and we’re all learning a lot.
Not being a parent myself but being surrounded by parents, I thought I ought to reach out to them to get some expert tips on how to manage little ones during the quarantine. My second thought is to be a mindset coach and allow your child to have a learning mindset. Allow your child to be creative, explore and ask questions. You don’t have to know all of the answers but it promotes critical thinking. Every morning set daily targets and have motivational quotes to enthuse your child.
We can also have fun-family-friendly activities like playing ludo, antakshri, music chair, making crafts, word puzzle, drawing, etc instead of using the technological devices or placing a cell phone in their hands. Yes, you can rent a movie on Netflix or watch on TV/laptop and have an evening movie night at home. Kids always follow their parents. So we all can have a quality time with them. Don’t forget popcorn in this fun !!
Digital world has made us more digital. We also have the opportunity to read books online. But what about your old library? In this quarantine period, apart from teaching children the school books, we can open up our out-books either comics, story, short story, fiction or novels from the almirah and give them to read. This is a good time to get your child into the habit of reading. You can also read a book to them every day. This will help them develop their vocabulary and language skills. For older kids, give them a reading goal for the weeks when they are at home and encourage them to complete it.
Teach the children about power naps, how it is very important for our health. This time doing a lot of gardening will blossom our lawn by summer. Teach them how we can give life to plants and how they produce their own food from sun, heat, light and water.

So be wise and keep yourself and your lovely children self-quarantine thereby giving a heartbeat to your life. That’s the only intelligent way to approach this virus, which is be super cautious and do everything humanly possible to make some learn and some fun with your children. They need us as we need them.
Have fun !!



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