The fighter, The survivor, The woman


She loves every ounce of her..
She shed tears for a moment and then gets up to fight again..
She stands up for what she believes in….
She never settles for what she is..
She has the world at her fingertips…
She refuses to be defeated..
She is strong
..because she is a woman

I have a story and I don’t feel ashamed to share it as I believe it will inspire a lot of women out there who like me at some point of time thought of ending their life. Perhaps due to depression, rejection or lack of any support or motivation.
Being a survivor of women violence, having a median nerve injury in my right hand, I am unable to perform any kind of activities. I have gone through many difficult phases of life. But I have overcome my fears, overcome my disabilities, and here I am stronger, more determined to achieve my goals in life. I chose to rise and fight against the deterrents of life in spite of a tough battle with my family. Every time I felt low, I picked myself up and tried again and again and again…
You may feel week, but within you is the strength to live, within you is the strength to overcome and achieve what you deserve.
Nothing can stop you until and unless you give up. With the median nerve injury I lost Almost 10 kgs..


I always love myself being fat or fit.. But falling in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself is always awesome.
Eating healthy makes me happy.. And i never believe in starving.. You don’t have to eat less but you need to eat right. Results don’t show overnight. It will require dedication, it will require willpower, it will require sacrifices.. But it’s worth it…
Always remember “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”
Inspired by Aditi Govitrikar Mrs World 2001. Always believing that a girl is complete when she becomes a woman, and playing different roles in her life like a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law..
Joining a beauty pageant was always my dream. Pageantry allows women to become a better version of themselves. Beauty, Brain and heart mix well.. Its brings out passion and poise. Improves your communication skills… It’s not about competing with others but with yourself.
In the year 2017.. I joined Mrs India Earth…
Mrs INDIA Earth challengers are Successful Indian Women who endeavor to act naturally certain, agile, exquisite, magnetic and respectable in the representation of India at home and around the globe.

And bagged the title of Mrs India Earth- Face of Northeast
2018 was a new beginning. Joining Ms Royal India Universe and winning the title of Ms Royal India International. And the journey didn’t stop there. The universe brought me opportunities and I embraced it. With the title of Mrs West Asia Universe I participated in Mrs Universe 2018 in Cebu, Philippines.

I bagged the title of “Mrs Universe Kindness” on 10th December 2018 representing India with 88 contestants from different parts of the world. Her National costume was Design by Mr Unni Krishnan from Kerela.. who has design costume for manushi chillar, Miss World and many international winners. The theme for the costumes goes this way.

From centuries Indian Goddesses has been worshipped down from the hoary past as nurturing mothers, protectors of community, human problems, symbols of purity, the origins of the fertility of the crops and human being. They are the source of power for Hindu religion. Warrior goddess, whose mythology centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. Women were always been empowered. Celebrating womanhood.. celebrating empowered woman..

Recently running my own label brand “Haasoti” where you can get handpicked fashion clothing and accessories.

I am also working for the welfare of animals.. with my NGO ‘Awas foundation’. Where i am working for the security and wellness of street animals.

My family was a constant support in my success journey.. Me as responsible queen want to help any other women become economically independent, make them aware of different women rights, to make the society more responsible towards women-related causes, to provide them platforms where they can showcase their creativity and talent, to help them get guidance and counselling over issues and most importantly, to motivate them and to support them to do things that will make them stand taller with Pride & Dignity.
No matter what happens I will continue on this journey wherever life takes me.
Because I put my heart and soul into my own transformation as woman. So I make it my legacy to change to way beauty is perceived but most importantly to change the way women see themselves.
This is my life and my journey to share, empower, grow and inspire! I will never stop fighting because life is to beautiful not too.



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