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What is astrology? Let’s know it’s importance?


Astrology is a script which is also a scripture like document withdrawn from the maritime science. By the way, many Vedic science is also involved in oceanography. Palmistry, pulse, astrology is the Vedic scripture in our country which even is termed as the sole creature of all of these. Which is quite old and famous, was born by Shri Ganesh ji and handed over it with his own hand to Incredible India hand. Which Kartikeya thrown into the sea. Then Vishnu pulled it out to save the mankind. This has happened three times continuously in the ancient India of during vedic period. In the end, the Rishi Samudra presented it.

In the beginning, it was written to know about the future of humans, past and present life. On the basis of physical recitation, information about multiple incidents occurring in any human life can be predicted through some unique holy symbols. But due to the lack of complete knowledge of the language of this Vedic text, the expansion could not occur accordingly, that is why most astrologers used it for the purpose of “medicine” too.

Any illness and changes in body and information about disorders are being predicted by astrology. Then the rest of the world even did import it from India for their usefulness.

It is also said that this Vidya(education) got Brahma Ji(The Creator) from Narada Ji. Narad ji gave this knowledge to Saints like Shonak  and eventually ‘Prasar Rishi’(Saint Prasar) had this in this way.

In the modern era, Astrology is randomly used  for marriage, Mahurat(a Holy Moment) marriage is limited to marriage, trade, gain of wealth and even for the problems of birth and death. Some people do blindly believe in it, so some people don’t at all  Or did not agree.

But today its expansion of Astrology has increased tremendously. Most people are getting attracted to have this knowledge and education. And also they too believe. The curiosity of knowing the Astrology has increased heavily now a day. The reason for this is  now astrology does not give information about some limited things, but we can get eye opener information about your ‘three lives’ ,i.e.- previous birth, the present and the coming birth. In astrology we can easily learn about most of the events and accidents in the coming life and their solutions can also be predicted in an astonishing way in the right time.

Many times many people argue that astrology is a superstition. But infact it is not so. It correctly denotes, “If our horoscope shows an accident and if we measure it according to its places of planets, then we will be able to ignore it but if we not intend to do so ,then we may fall in trouble in the future course of our lives.”

It can save us from the more damage with the Astrological prediction in a perfect way at the right time. In astrology, for the sake of our own  lives, it is good to give the details of the results of our actions or to say that the results can be achieved if followed at the right time in the right way following the basic rules of Astrology. Even if we are happy or unhappy in this life, then what is the reason of such situation, what we have not able to achieved in the beginning. It is like the subject of an anthropology which is the key to all of our inner minds, , celebrations, knowledge-abilities, and our work habits.

And people from rest of the world are also attracted towards this Astrological innovations of Incredible India and even it would be not wrong  to say that many people have started plundering money by misusing this great method of prediction which is absolutely not right.

If someone is really brilliant and has complete knowledge in regard to this great Astro-Science, then he/she must not cheat people to plunder money by misusing it. Some people having incomplete knowledge often misuse it which is really unfortunate.

Apart from these ,who have complete knowledge in this regard should spread the message of it’s holiness and rightful way to use as much as possible to live on always this Great Science of our holy India. Instead of using this knowledge and education for earning money ,if this education is used for a truthful purpose, it’s sweet result must be delivered to everyone and this science of Astrology shall be speeded over all across the world alike a jungle fire.

A real educated one must not greed for wealth whereas illiterate and ignorant think of earning out of it. It’s just like water,  a thirst desires believing it’s depth even alike an un ending Ocean and in this depth of knowledge we the people should try to have knowledge as much as we can which is stored in this great Science  of our Incredible India ,i.e-Indian Vedic Astrology.


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