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Benefits of Bro Code

When someone turns more than your best friend and is like your family, you call him a ‘Bro’, in short for ‘Brothers’, be it a guy or a girl. And to maintain the brotherhood, GenZ have come up with a new term, which can also be called a fun shaped agreement, named the ‘Bro Code’. As you know, there are many benefits of friendship and brotherhood, but benefits of bro code are some new merits of bro code:

  • Your bro can spare or sacrifice anything or anyone for your sake, be it newly proposed girlfriend, or a newly wedded wife.
  • Your bro is always supposed to be with you to share his/her happy moments and also rejoice with it, and also cry with you during your sad moments.
  • Your bro will always try meddle with you and try to harm your peace, but will never let anyone do anything bad to you.
  • Your bro will do anything, even take life threatening risks to make it up for you, if you are upset about anything.
  • Your bro will always try to find some fault in your talent and skills, in order for you to upgrade yourself more and supremely talented.
  • Your bro can sometimes falsely blackmail you for the stuff you didn’t do and make you do something awkward. But you should learn to enjoy it.

Therefore, the bro code has these benefits of awkwardness, yet satisfying bond, that makes the friendship and the brotherhood stronger than before.

By Saswat Mishra



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