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In today’s world of aispiring women , being fit for survival is paramount . Women these days are busier than ever and there roles have changed in modern times , being a girl to women it comprise of many challenges which , a transition of lifetime . In such a demanding situation, women should think health first and then perform the roles which life demands . Being wife , a mother and a workaholic demands supreme fitness and special measures to maintain same . We just have to focus on finding 1 hour everyday for ourselves , 1 hour should not be a difficult task out of 24 , just focus on some physical activity, some meditation and some time doing what you love , it should be the perfect fitness mantra . Just focus how you can stay mentally refreshed all the time , as you go through daily chores you bound to be physically tired . But being mentally refreshed will help you reach your life goals .In today’s world we all know majority of foods we are suppose to eat , the fitness industry is huge , supplements to aid same , but the mental aspect matters the most . I personally feel that it holds the vital role in the survival of the fittest.

Few more suggestions to fiz up your life will be to focus on daily habits and continue to follow them , take out at least 20 mins a day for yourself, do workouts at least 5 days a week , give time to your family , indulge yourself into more productive or work related , keep your day planned . Live your life as it comes but live to the fullest this is the mantra of living purposeful and happy life.So ladies get ready and find an hour for yourself and live gorgeous.
Cheers to all ladies “keep rocking”.

By Shalini G


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