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7 Healthy Lifestyle habits in young people to keep away from Diabetes

An unhealthy lifestyle (overweight and obese) is increasing Type 2 Diabetes in young people.

  • Regular exercise
  • Playing sports
  • Being proactive at job
  • Working for 8 hours
  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Well balanced nutritious food in proper quantity at right time “Hitabhuk, Mitabhuk, Ritabhuj”
  • Maintaining ideal weight according to height. Ideal weigh = Height in cms-100

Regular exercise in morning is of very much importance as it leads to energy expenditure, overcomes insulin resistance and regulates glucose metabolism. Exercise in morning leads to physical and mental wellbeing. Though vigorous exercise causes fatigue, moderate exercise including sports has positive impact in maintaining glucose homeostasis. Playing sports is part of exercise with same benefits as it enhances stamina, breathing capacity, intellectual skills. Exercise and sports leads to release of endorphins which relieve stress and has positive effects on mood. Exercise has beneficial effects on plasticity of nervous system and motility of gastrointestine.

Akanksha Datta

Type I Diabetes subjects should avoid heavy vigorous exercises like marathon, cycling long distance etc. Intake of well-balanced nutritious food in proper quantity at right time is necessary to keep away diseases including diabetes.

As mentioned in Ayurveda, Hitabhuk, Mitabhuk, Ritabhuk

Hitabhuk: One should eat only healthy foods which are beneficial and not harmful

Mitabhuk: One should never eat in excess. A person should eat according to his or her body constitution. We should fill 50% of our stomach with solid food, 25% with fluids and rest should be kept empty

Ritabhuk: One should eat according to the season. We should also follow correct time for food intake.

Avoiding high calorie diet including unhealthy junk foods is the key to prevent overweight and obesity which leads to diabetes. Recent epidemic of non-communicable diseases is because of unhealthy lifestyle, overweight and obesity. Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Diseases, Metabolic Syndrome, NAFLD – Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is spectrum of illness due to root cause of unhealthy lifestyle which leads to obesity. Thus one should maintain ideal body weight (which equals Height in Cms minus 100) by doing regular exercise, playing sports and following healthy diet plan.

Being active and working 8 hours a day I essential for healthy lifestyle. Either physical or mental work helps in avoiding sedentary lifestyle which leads to diabetes. A person should be proactive at job, agile thinking of process which creates sense of wellbeing. Studies have shown that there is a positive impact on one’s own health with such state of mind. Everybody should focus on development and contribute for the same. 8 hours smart work is healthy lifestyle.

Yoga and pranayama have their own benefits which are yet to be elucidated scientifically. Practice of Yoga and Pranayama overcomes insulin resistance and improves insulin secretion. It should be part of our daily routine for healthy lifestyle, preventing diabetes.

No exercise, no sports, no work, irregular binge intake of junk unhealthy food leads to obesity causing Type 2 Diabetes in young people.

Watching TV for long hours, playing games on mobiles, long night hours should be avoided. Screen time should be regulated as per age and work otherwise leads to unhealthy lifestyle.

Reading articles on fitness, benefits and advantages of moderate exercise and sports, usefulness of Yoga and Pranayama will create motivation to do the same until it becomes a part of one’s own routine. Following above will lead to healthy lifestyle and positive impact on one’s personality.

By Monika Agarwal

(Input – Dr. Sheetal Reddy Desai, MD – General Medicine, MBBS, Fellowship in Diabetes, Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Apollo Clinic HSR Layout)

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