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Marriage Myths And Beliefs And Youngsters Hesitations, Why To Get Married

By, Aashmeen Munjaal, Relationship Coach and Ontologist.

It is undoubtedly true that marriage means different things to different people, but love, security, and commitment tend to play a significant role in the decision to wed. Planning a wedding, while stressful, is a straightforward process it is what transpires after the honeymoon that most befuddles us.
Is there any myth about marriage? The institution of marriage, while based on fundamental principles of love and support, is ever-evolving, reflecting the individual character of each couple. So, let’s debunk a few of the most common myths about marriage.

According to Ontologist  Aashmeen  Munjaal the question “Why marry?” has the answer in itself. In the world of Law of Attraction and Manifestation,

Commitment issues

For those who have struggled with their partner’s commitment issues, it can be easy to assume that a proposal is an indication that they are ready to settle down. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sporting a ring on your finger does not automatically mean a commitment-phobic partner has finally overcome their fears. Ultimately, people will not change for another person, only for themselves.

Expectation Vs Reality

The first question is “What do you want?” to get married or not to and if your answer is marriage, the next possible question is “Why?” The “why” will give you the answer about your commitment and expectations from marriage? Such a clear vision will help and will act as a driving force that will attract you to the institution named marriage. Marriage is a man-made institution. It exists in society because it gives the society workability and smoothness of things being in place. And thus, it is adopted by religions and cultures all over.

Do Not Get Driven By Others Experiences

Marriage is a personal phenomenon. It is about the person who is getting married. Your experience depends on how strong is your “why” and whether it is positive or negative. You can make your “why” positive by implementing the Law of attraction formulas and practicing gratitude. You won’t benefit from what other people say or experience because others are living their life. Your parents live their lives, your brother and sister live their own lives, and your friends live their own lives. But what you are living in your life. You have to be responsible for your own marital life, so you have to discover, explore and answer “why” you want to get married. “Why” will give you the driving force. You should discover this for yourself before taking this important step in your life.

Virtual Manifestation

Today, youngsters are getting married to gain Instagram followers or for the fun of destination weddings or to wear expensive lehengas or because of society. But why are ‘you’ getting married? How strong is your “why”? The whole answer lies in the question of “why” you need to marry and this is the beginning of discovering and exploring why marry!

Searching Perfection

Youngsters look up to ideal situations and they see them as examples to follow. Happy couples are the ones they are looking at. But nowadays, an ideal marriage is less likely to be seen. People are sad and worried. The answers are unresolved and the leadership in marriage is not balanced. And thus, you have to become your leader and be your example. You have to make your “why” stronger because “why” is the light that will drive you through the dark tunnel and “why” will you show you the way out. Start finding your own “why” as “why” is magical.

Once you surrender to it, the universe will take care of how it will happen. Not only in marriage, but for your dream job, dream salary, dream house, or your dream car, make your “why” stronger and positive and it will happen. If “why” is from your heart, it will change your life forever!




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