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Pin-up your style with these best Nail Styles this Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about your nails! Because your talons can speak louder than words, it’s only appropriate that you get a manicure that pampers and styles your nails to communicate the language of love.

Maybe you’re wondering which of those nail trends will make the right statement. Fear not, we have you covered. Here are a few nail trends that will send out the right message and have you looking fabulous!

Rose Gold

In this trend, soft glam is personified and is totally wearable and totally desirable. Whether you received flowers or not, these pretty floral nail art designs will add a dose of freshness to your outfit.

Reds and Berries

A fluffy fur manicure on short nails, berry gradient nails, or the humble gel polish are all classy styles that are sure to grab attention.

Coloured French Manicure

It is a refreshing twist on the classic French manicure that is perfect for a date. You can experiment with pastels, vibrant colors, glitters, and metallics.


Pastels Pinks AND White

Consider these designs if you prefer to keep it subtle and not too flashy.

 Flower Accents

Add a dose of freshness to your look whether you received flowers or not with these pretty floral nail art designs.



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