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We have spiritual relations, social relations, personal relations and these days we have technological relations which we can call technolations. The relations these days we are making, either in real world or on digital platform do not make any difference. Both exist till we are online either on social networking sites or in this materlistic world. These days we prefer to made relations on digital platform rather than in real world, so that we can show the world that we are social, but internally we are becoming anti-social. We MOURN, we show LOVE and we CELEBRATE every festival and happiness on digital platform. We are not anti-social but we are digitally social. We do love someone till we have good Wi-Fi, we like someone after analyzing their profile and a good picture. In this era we like to keep everything private but whatever is important to show, we definitely show the world. Our identity is not with our parents or with our degrees, but our digital I’d is our actual identity.

We do a lot of survey over other’s I’d and don’t know what lacks in our. Good pictures attract us instead of good character or behaviour. We do charities on social sites and become a social activist. Every coin has two sides one positive and negative, same goes for technolations which help us in getting relations and it connect us to the people across the globe. We also get important messages and news which help us to get knowledge, though how much that forwarded message or news is authentic or true, no one knows about that. Technolations is very much popular in youth, because they are one who needs relation everywhere at the same time they are one who are loneliest from inside. They are getting benefits and at the same time they are the one who suffered because of it. It is said that we don’t use technology but we are living it. These days just like air, water and food, technology is also an important source to survive. Today we can’t even imagine our life without technology. We are getting a new identity techno identity which helps us to maintain a good profile in our society. The person who is not aware about technology is considered to be an illiterate or backward. Technolations provide us an identity on digital world while we are unaware about our real self in this real world. In order to search our real self we are trying to escape from this real world into other world. Somehow or the other we are enjoying Technolations in this modern absurd techno world.

Simran Tripathi

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