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The biggest marital problems facing couples today

These issues plague most couples

Marriages have problems but sometimes these problems become irreconcilable. Divorce and separation are caused by many factors. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common marital problems that cause spouses to grow apart so that you can work on them if you are also experiencing them.


We all get accustomed to routine, mundane life after a while. This is also true in a relationship. Intimacy is lost when you gaze at your phone or laptop all the time while sitting next to each other. The most effective way to solve this problem is to go on walks together without devices like phones, to go on dates, and to do fun activities together. Engage in a joint exercise where you both pay equal attention.

Emotionally unavailable

Couples often become emotionally unavailable to one another. If communication had been more effective, the space between them could have been filled earlier. Couples can often feel that their partner is not there for them due to work stress and other factors.

Sexual problems

Some couples have this issue where one of them is not in the mood or doesn’t have time after a while. In bed, many couples stop experimenting and try different things, which leads to boredom and too much predictability. As time goes by, the spicy life disappears into thin air, and patterns, routines, separate the couple.

Constant nagging

Often, couples will start nagging each other or one partner will seem to be an expert at it. Stress and irresponsible behavior on the part of the other partner cause the problem. Occasionally, one partner even takes the other for granted, further ruining the relationship. It is easy to avoid constant complaints and so much agitation if you speak to one another, ask about their day, how their work went, and what bothers them.


Our work culture today has ruined many aspects of our lives. Eventually, we become reliant on things like caffeine, alcohol, and other addictions that start controlling our moods. When an addict is questioned, they tend to become defensive and the arguments become interminable. It can also make taking responsibility more difficult. Discuss these issues with each other. If you can see a therapist or a marriage counselor before you consider separation. Attempt to resolve the issue first.



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