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No. 1 crime fiction Bestseller for 80+ days straight now.

“Rape is a heinous crime”. What do you do when the rapist is someone you know?

One night while Rhea, Hitashi, and Amruta were spending some quality time together, they came across a clip in a television channel which displayed the sting operation of Rahul Satyabaghi where he was bragging about how he raped Avni Rambha, bested her in court and gone on to become a men’s right activist. Looking at this clip, the rage within Rhea and her friends ignited as Avni was their childhood friend. Witnessing this whole incident Rhea goes in the flashback to the darkest part of her childhood which turned her heart pound faster.


Furthermore, DC Virendra Dixit was among those who’d believe that Rambha rape case has been a false ‘false allegation’ but now, the sting tape brings him to a case that promises to be a turning point in his career. Rhea along with her friends decides to carve out a path to change the fate of the victims. What will they do? Will their path cross with DC Dixit? What will happen to the rapist?

Now, I will love to share a few lines from the book which I loved the most:

It’s her fault, so she should never

Ask for justice.

It’s her fault, so she should never Speak up

It’s her fault, so should no longer


You, who teaches the daughter it’s feminine to cover up,

Cover her knees, Her shoulders, Her armpits.

That it’s feminine to be modest, lower eyes, lower voice,

Stretch the lips and smile, smile Be nice!

That boys will always Be boys.

Enough of women who let a man decide. We decree that he can no longer

Lech us Catcall us Follow us

Touch us.

Shout abuse to us.

Shout what he insists are compliments to us. Assault us.

Rape us Enough.

Now talking about the book, this book portrays a very unique and intriguing plot that is capable enough to put a question mark on the judicial system of our Country. Not only this, it also displays what happens when women takes justice in their own hand.

First thing first, the storyline is truly enthralling, thought provoking and heart stirring. The narration was blindingly well polished. The reader can actually feel the scene played with the characters around them. The characterization was well developed.

The title of this book is absolutely apt to the storyline. The cover of the book looks beautiful. The language was easily understandable.

Review by Barnali Chakraborty

I would like to appreciate the author for picking up this topic and crafting the plot brilliantly with lots of twists and turns which will definitely keep the readers glued to the book.

What I find unique about this book is that this book not only inscribes a gruesome crime but it also shows the true picture of our judiciary system where the rapist can easily get acquitted using his power while the victim either remains silent or gets tired of running around on the court trial for justice.

If ever I get a chance to recommend any crime thriller that can be adapted as a movie/web series then, I will definitely recommend “The rape trial”.

If you are a crime thriller hunter alike me then, just grab this book from Notion Press website. Here is the link:


My rating: 4.5/5



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