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Red River Rising by Husna: Perfect Portrayal of Tragedy and Hopefulness

Red River Rising by Husna, published by the Locksley Hall Publishing LLP and The Book Bakers Literary Agency, is a thriller/fiction based on the deluge of 2018 in the flood plains and hills of the Periyar river in Kerala. It is a compelling natural disaster novel; one of the very few from the genre in India. The plot takes the reader on a roller coaster ride, unsettling at times, resonating with the reality of a post-truth world. The effects of climate change and environmental degradation, area reality that holds us all accountable, and the author has convincingly conveyed this message in a tragic narrative, angry at times and hopeful of others. The characters are so real and the plotting engaging. In an almost anthropomorphic storytelling, veering between heart-wrenching realism and hopeful idealism. The story revolves around 5 characters who are affected by the river, and hose lives become inexplicably entwined.
The narrative opens with a disturbing relationship a young woman, Lakshmi has with the Periyar River. Her traumatic childhood, social conditioning, and relentless search for love push her to the edge.
Radha – an activist from Delhi, travels to the tribal town of Attapadi in search of her husband Krishnan, whom the authorities allege is an Aisha Maoist sympathizer.
Mani – a resident of Attapadi belongs to the Kurumbar tribe and is involved in the marijuana trade in the region and assists Radha in the search for Krishnan.
Sabu, a fisherman from Vypin is instrumental in the rescue and evacuation of those affected by the floods in the Athesteady reserve forest. He stumbles upon vital information regarding Krishnan.
And at the center I, all is – Krishnan, Radha’s husband who has gone missing. In the search for Krishnan, Radha discovers startling truths that have graver implications in both her personal life as well as society at large. The treacherous waters of the deluge thus play the ultimate leveler and revelationist.
How did Krishnan disappear? Where is he? Will Radha be successful in her search for her husband? Can Radha and Mani survive the treacherous waters of the deluge? What is the mystery behind the mass burial in the middle of the forest?  All these questions remain the crux of the story.
Red River rising is a potpourri of different genres. Though the central narrative is about a natural disaster it has elements of love, loss, betrayal, and politics woven into it. From the student politics of Delhi to the tribal region of Attapadi, it addresses the human condition that exists in our hyper-consumerist world. Set amidst the devastating Kerala floods of 2018, Red River Rising explores the social, psychological, environmental, and political impact the river has on its unsuspecting protagonists amidst nature’s fury.

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Bestselling Author Megha Bajaj is the New Voice of India

Megha Baja has often been referred to as India’s most loved author. Her latest book, The Breakthrough published by Rupa Publications has been playing a humongous role in uplifting human consciousness and has sold 13,000 plus copies already! Megha is one of those authors, whose words simply bypass the mind and go to the heart and create instant transformation. She is an ardent seeker, and a follower of Guru Mahatria.
Megha is an author mentor and an edupreneur whose WoW programs online, and as part of schools curriculums have impacted over a million students, CEO’s, home-makers, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in the last decade.
The Breakthrough, is a book about you. Though it contains the story of 11 people from across India: Praburam (Alubee), Kavish Gadia (Freadom App), Nitin Nyati (Nyati Builders) Sushiil Mehta (Jains Car Shoppe) Chitra Prasad (NSN group of schools), Dr Asha Vijay (GarbhaGudi IVF), Kanni and Uvaraj (Poorvika Mobiles), Guru Prasad Makam (Guru & Jana Chartered Accountancy Firm), Sandeep Agarwal (Ratnadeep Supermarkets) Arun Kumar Natha (inPace), Mukesh Jain (Meghdoot Textiles) who began their life with nothing, and are today trailblazers, in their stories, you will find yourself. These stories have been inspiring youth and CEOs, entrepreneurs and home-makers – and even eminent film makers who wish to create a series out of the book.
In Megha Bajaj you will find a breath of fresh air – authenticity at its best – fluidity of language and a flow that is inimitable. The book has been a record breaking one and not only had the world’s largest virtual book launch but has been known to gift a breakthrough to anyone who reads it. It is a part of school curriculums, corporate programs. Megha is a sought-after mentor/speaker and film script writer.
The Breakthrough team is conducting an enriching virtual camp this summer called 2022: Summer of Transformation at an unbelievable price for an incredible offer. Your youngster (8-18) will learn writing, speaking, self-confidence and people skills from best mentors across India and the actual cost of this workshop would have been Rs 13,500/- but is being brought to you at just Rs 495/-.
We have partnering schools like NSN Group of Schools headed by the eminent educator Chitra Prasad as well as Gayathri Ram of Shri Natesan Vidyasala – along with other humanitarian educators across the globe who wish to give their students the best experiences possible. Youth organizations are joining hands with us for this summer camp, as are corporates (as part of their CSR) to take the 2022: Summer Of Transformation to as many students as possible across the globe and gift them with life skills that will take them a very long way.
The summer camp will be conducted by bestselling authors, TedX speakers, role-model entrepreneurs and youth icons who will share their stories, their tips and tools to make your youngster have the most incredible real-life learning experiences. Don’t miss this for anything!

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12 international bestsellers you should read in 2022 that will change your outlook on life

A New Year signifies a fresh start and hope for the future. Penguin India’s Penguin Transform program offers a list of 12 international bestsellers to help one become a better reader. A reader is to read each of the 12 books over a 12-month period, and each title promises to transform their outlook on life.

Here are books:-
01/12′ Educated’ by Tara Westover
The memoir ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover will inspire you to have faith and achieve more in life.

02/12′ 12 Rules for Life’ by Jordan B. Peterson
Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and author, uses his works and ancient wisdom to present 12 principles to live by that can offer solutions for contemporary problems.

03/12′ A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle
It’s a great read on the list for kids and young adults. It makes you rediscover love and support for your family and helps you fight for your loved ones. A Disney film adaptation of L’Engle’s bestselling book has also been released.

04/12′ Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak
The beauty of this story will make you believe in the power of love and how it can change you for the better.

05/12′ Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman
This book explains how our minds are tripped up by errors and prejudices and offers practical techniques for slower, smarter thinking. In its blurb, the book promises to help you make better decisions at work, at home, and in everything you do.

06/12′ Zen and the Art of Simple Living’ by Shunmyo Masuno
 Popular Buddhist monk Shunmyo Masuno offers 100 tips (one for each day) on how to apply the essence of Zen in everyday life to feel relaxed and fulfilled.

07/12′ Think Again’ by Adam Grant
 This book explores the idea that rethinking, unlearning, and relearning can help us achieve greater work-life balance and wisdom. It is written by organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant.

08/12′ Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig
 The international bestseller ‘Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig will take you on an incredible journey and make you question: How should we live?.
09/12′ Breath’ by James Nestor
 James Nestor travels the world to discover the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices to find out what went wrong and how to fix it in his book, Breath, according to the blurb.
10/12′ Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernadine Evaristo
 ’Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernadine Evaristo, winner of the 2018 Booker Prize for fiction, takes the reader through the lives of twelve characters in Great Britain 100 years ago.
11/12′ Normal People’ by Sally Rooney
 Many millennials and adults will relate to Sally Rooney’s award-winning novel, ‘Normal People’. The story of self-discovery, modern love, and friendship is beautifully written.

12/12′ When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi
As a medical student, a neurosurgeon, a lung cancer patient, and a new father, Paul Kalanithi recounts his life. He also asks what makes life meaningful and virtuous.

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Vijay Sokhi’s Peoplonomics is the perfect book to boost your career

Peoplonomics tries to break the myth that people are designations. It takes the complex organisational structure and breaks it down into just four characters. When you do this, you can see with absolute clarity with whom are you working and how working with them has a significant co-relation to the position that you are currently occupying. It will also reflect on how the future of your career will shape up.
The book, published by Locksley Hall Publishing, pitched by The Book Bakers, builds up on the concept of the four kind of people. As you start turning the pages it becomes more and more personal. Slowly, it starts gripping you and does not leave, until it compels you to re-align your career moves. It brings you to a moment of realization and then coerces you to take the leap of faith. It does not give up on anyone and believes that every working individual is a ‘Hero’.
Peoplonomics makes you people ready. It must be understood that people with who you work can either make or break your career. Simple to say but full of intricacies. But with ease, Vijay Sokhi, takes this difficult subject and navigates the reader to a self-discovery path. When you know who you actually are, you will know why what is happening in your life has a pattern to it. Not only this, he also vehemently drives the attention of the reader to the fact that the corporate circle to which the reader belongs has a strong influence on the stage at which his career is currently standing. If the goal that a person has decided for himself does not match with his current position, then he starts to get the understanding that it’s not just performance but also the people with who he is sharing the corporate space responsible for it. With this comes the urge of changing the circle, but is changing circles an easy task? To become the part of the higher circle that you have decided, the first pre-requisite is to be at par with their level, else very soon you will have to take an exit. This again raises another important question, isn’t it also important to know what one’s potential is and then strategize accordingly? Therefore, it is wiser to work to one’s potential and be the best in the segment rather than changing it. Periodically, the book keeps on asking such types of questions, which brings the reader closer to reality.
The four characters that the book brings to life have their own importance. The growth trajectory of an organisation completely depends on the type of people they have. While they can function with one or two types; they will only excel when a blend of the four is there.
The book is a recommended read for any working individual. The finesse with which, Vijay Sokhi, has bought to light this new perspective of human behavior and the way in which he has related it to the place of work is highly commendable. He has talked in detail about what one should look for to build their career, besides external structure such as infrastructure and compensation. This book will find relevance not only today, but for times to come.

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Open Ended Conversations

Thawailnwall was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. She currently at the time of this original printing resides in Dallas Texas. After many years of enduring homelessness, she has fashioned herself as a writer, spoken word artist, visual artist, homeless advocate/activist and street resource coordinator.
Her release of this manuscript comes after her first published book Thawailnwall Presents ” Mind Juice” Hydration for the mind available on Kindle Amazon. This first compilation was drafted during various stages of her homeless experience.
She writes from the heart in her own tongue. Her shoot from the hip approach is both humorous and cleansing. She writes to create an atmosphere of freedom and peace. Her perspective of events comes from her own personal view of happenings and it impacts on her life.

Book : Fat Black and A Women
Author : Insha Caldwell Thawailnwall
Number of pages : 73

The idea of publishing began with her first book “Thawailnwall presents Mind Juice,  Hydration for the brain “. This compilation was birthed during a homeless period and bitter breakup from a romantic relationship. The journey forged to the most recent release “Fat, Black and A Woman “ the biography chronicling her life’s experiences from early childhood abuses and neglect, through her divorce and homeless period right up to today and her Hope’s for the future. She knew her story had to be told.
The absolutely beautiful title comes from something her mother once told her: “If I wanted to become anything in this world I would have to overcome being fat, black and a woman…”. The title itself signifies the values of the book.
This is a book that is sure to get you on a path of positivity. This book helps you in getting your life together
Thawailnwall’s book “Fat, black and a woman” is a fascinating book for those who are struggling in their daily lives…The story helps the readers to overcome the deep fears and challenges that are abiding them from pursuing their life goals. Author has done a commendable job by sharing her story with the common people. Through her book Thawailnwall teaches us the values of Awareness and action!
This book is a wake up call to the dead, blind and mute. It’s a loud cry in the wilderness for those suffering in silence.  Those who are too afraid to speak up. Those who aren’t able to speak up.  And even more so for those who don’t speak up. This book is a point of encouragement for those who read it, will to absorb the message…
When asked about the biggest challenge in the process of book writing, Thawailnwall said, “overcoming the scars related to my story. So much pain is involved with the telling of it that I cried a lot as I wrote it out. Having to relive the events on my mind was difficult. Very difficult indeed.”
She describes her book in minimal 3 words as “Open-ended conversations”.
When asked What did she want the readers to take away from the book? she said, “Strength in the midst of a storm. I want them to know they too are strong and can overcome their struggles and not be enslaved by them.”
Thawailnwall has two upcoming projects in the near future One is a compilation of short stories and the other is a kind of self-help book. No drop dates are available at this time.

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“Rape is a heinous crime”. What do you do when the rapist is someone you know?
One night while Rhea, Hitashi, and Amruta were spending some quality time together, they came across a clip in a television channel which displayed the sting operation of Rahul Satyabaghi where he was bragging about how he raped Avni Rambha, bested her in court and gone on to become a men’s right activist. Looking at this clip, the rage within Rhea and her friends ignited as Avni was their childhood friend. Witnessing this whole incident Rhea goes in the flashback to the darkest part of her childhood which turned her heart pound faster.
Furthermore, DC Virendra Dixit was among those who’d believe that Rambha rape case has been a false ‘false allegation’ but now, the sting tape brings him to a case that promises to be a turning point in his career. Rhea along with her friends decides to carve out a path to change the fate of the victims. What will they do? Will their path cross with DC Dixit? What will happen to the rapist?
Now, I will love to share a few lines from the book which I loved the most:
It’s her fault, so she should never
Ask for justice.
It’s her fault, so she should never Speak up
It’s her fault, so should no longer
You, who teaches the daughter it’s feminine to cover up,
Cover her knees, Her shoulders, Her armpits.
That it’s feminine to be modest, lower eyes, lower voice,
Stretch the lips and smile, smile Be nice!
That boys will always Be boys.
Enough of women who let a man decide. We decree that he can no longer
Lech us Catcall us Follow us
Touch us.
Shout abuse to us.
Shout what he insists are compliments to us. Assault us.
Rape us Enough.
Now talking about the book, this book portrays a very unique and intriguing plot that is capable enough to put a question mark on the judicial system of our Country. Not only this, it also displays what happens when women takes justice in their own hand.
First thing first, the storyline is truly enthralling, thought provoking and heart stirring. The narration was blindingly well polished. The reader can actually feel the scene played with the characters around them. The characterization was well developed.
The title of this book is absolutely apt to the storyline. The cover of the book looks beautiful. The language was easily understandable.
I would like to appreciate the author for picking up this topic and crafting the plot brilliantly with lots of twists and turns which will definitely keep the readers glued to the book.
What I find unique about this book is that this book not only inscribes a gruesome crime but it also shows the true picture of our judiciary system where the rapist can easily get acquitted using his power while the victim either remains silent or gets tired of running around on the court trial for justice.
If ever I get a chance to recommend any crime thriller that can be adapted as a movie/web series then, I will definitely recommend “The rape trial”.
If you are a crime thriller hunter alike me then, just grab this book from Notion Press website. Here is the link:
My rating: 4.5/5

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Footprints – Poetry with a soul

Nisha Tandon, a bilingual poetess from Dubai has marked her name in poetry with her soulful poetry. An entrepreneur by profession, Nisha Tandon has used her life experience in a well-articulated and rhythmic tone in her poetries. Starting her poetic journey with her first poetry collection, Footprints; she has come a long way in her credentials as a poetess. Currently residing in Dubai, she has been an individual with various attributes. Apart from holding a reputed position in an HR & Training Consulting Firm, she has worked in hotels, educational institutions and corporate entities.

When did you start writing or how you feel that you should write down your imagination?
I would say it’s genetic. My father writes poetry and I feel his creativity has passed on to me. As a teenager when one goes through a transition phase in life, it’s very difficult to share your thoughts with anyone. I found solace in noting down my random thoughts in my diary. Just that my words were in the form of poetry.
How are you feeling after publishing your second book in a span of six months?
It is an incredible feeling. I never gathered courage until my family and wellwishers after reading my work encouraged me to get them published.The roughly drafted thoughts were already there and I just needed to compile them into a book. The progression from the first to the second was smooth and the journey was indeed an interesting experience. We better ourselves with each move.
What aspects of poetry makes it more influencing than fiction?
For me I do a lot of introspection and draw inspiration from real life experiences and the people I meet. It’s important that the readers are able to connect with the poet. Poetry being the reflection of a poet’s personality makes it stand apart from other forms of art.
What role does poetry play in influencing the thought-process of mere mortals?
Poetry is a genre that creates an aura around the most ordinary emotion. They help to portray a blend of reality and fantasy and resonate with the reader’s life. It is the bridge between our heart and words spoken from our soul.
At the time when fiction has overshadowed poetry, what initiatives are taken by modern poets in order to attract the young readers?
I always feel the essence of poetry is one’s innermost emotion captured right. Remaining true to the feelings and expressing them has always worked. They may have been overshadowed
by fiction at the moment but they shall never be lost. You will always find readers’ who still believe in the age old charm of literature written in verse. Social media has been instrumental in engaging the young readers.
At the time when English language is becoming a part and parcel of our life, how much a poetry collection in Hindi language hold it’s relevance?
Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world. It will always hold it’s fort no matter what. There will always be raving fans of poetry who appreciate the significant contributions of our language in our culture and traditions. The lyrical recital still enthralls the enthusiasts. You can’t deny the fact that emotions are better conveyed in Hindi than in English.
How do you manage time for writing with your loving child who actually need special care?
I feel finding time for something one is passionate about is not difficult. For me penning down my thoughts is like breathing.I can do it almost anytime, anywhere. It’s all about time management! And as far as writing is concerned, while taking care of my child with special needs, I draw a lot of inspiration from her. Her never give-up attitude and zest for life inspires me to pursue my dream of writing.
What would be your advice to the young budding poets?
I would advise the budding poets to follow their heart while writing. Express yourself in words you believe in , they have an instant connect with the reader. Not everyone is blessed with the thought-process required for writing , especially poetry. So one must exploit this talent to the optimum.



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