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How Pandemic Brought Change In Fitness Industry’ In Utsav’s Words

Getting into health and fitness and prioritizing to join the gym isn’t easy—we know! But staying on the right track and operating in the direction of your fitness dreams is essential.

Although this pandemic state of affairs has brought about the sudden cessation of virtually all of the outdoor activities of all of the individuals, it has profoundly hampered the bodily sports of health freaks (folks that often visit the fitness center for their bodily health), like gyms and different such locations were close down because of the lockdown.

This led to sudden troubles for health freaks, who used to spend a enormous quantity of time for ordinary exercising with a purpose to preserve their bodily health, fitness, and appearance, appear to have determined no vicinity to this point within side the literature on the subject of the contemporary pandemic state of affairs.

Supposedly, the specific studies of such human beings, their fitness troubles, and the approaches wherein they’ve handled those troubles in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic have remained underexplored. Also, it’s far famous that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for human beings to thoroughly preserve their regular bodily hobby styles at home.

Keeping this adverse situation in mind Utsav launched ”Transformation for Good ” (TFG) the name itself says transforming into something good. Started in August 2020 with a sole mission to make people aware of their Health through a Fitness diet or programs. As  health is the biggest wealth and one should take proper care of their health to avoid weakness, obesity, diseases from various mediums.
This pandemic has also taught us a lesson that our inner will power and immunity plays the key role to live a healthy and good life. Reaching out people online to make people aware of their health graph and with the dedication and strong approach it is growing and revolutionizing the Fitness Industry and captivating workout on online platform. Successfully reached 3000+members not only in India but also members connecting from US, Canada, UK, Paris, Middle East, Singapore and Many other Asian and western countries connecting via Net and seeking the fitness sessions with daily or weekly fitness plan.
Major aspect many were facing “DEPRESSION”
How Exercise helps to fight against  Depression: Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and also it lowers the rate of depression. Research has shown that exercise is an effective form for treating mild to moderate depression. To fight against depression “Exercise can be the best Solution”, where the mental instability of a mind can lead to a fresh restart to a certain extent where a person feels left out and low workouts can refresh and will keep the body warm and healthy and can make this hustle free life more steady and going.
Nothing is impossible it seems and failure is always a key to Success.
According to Utsav” This pandemic has taught us a lesson that nothing is more important than being fit within or out. People are more concerned nowadays about their health, fitness and lifestyle. The only way to lead a happy and fit Life is to Eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend time with loved ones, family or friends and a stress-free Sleep.
Definitely this will help one to grow and shine in their prospective field and will give mental stability and will also create innovations.” Sharing his personal experience with depression Utsav said ”I myself went through depression once and had a vilest phase in life to Quit! I failed twenty-one times and more but that “Hope” within me has lit every time and now it has done wonders for me.
I want to revolutionize the Fitness Industry and to appeal to everyone from my experience that “Please! Don’t easily give up, RISE and start again and keep trying.” Starting such Venture at this young age has not only boosted my unique ability but also has motivated me to live a Happy and Stress-free Life”…concluded Utsav Ghosh.



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