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Monetary Status of Vegan Diet in India

In India, turning into a vegan can be categorized in many ways, as being vegan means to give up all the nutritional value coming from eating non vegetarian food, milk, dairy products and eggs. Hence, any dish which has mostly ample amount of spice, vegetables and nuts can be eaten when you turn vegan.
By Saswat Mishra

However, sometimes people often tend to purchase exotic vegetables and food items and give up a good sense of taste, while being a vegan. For example, instead of having a proper balanced diet and in the verge of avoiding carbs through rice, people often tend to eat salad which consists of lettuce leaves, and half raw veggies, with less of salt and spices.

The extreme process of having bland food items can be quite expensive as well. When you purchase food items like Tofu, Lettuce, Broccoli and Zucchini, the dish made out of it can be bland and boring and also the sense of taste can be lost as well. Instead of that, a properly well-cooked cabbage with some tomatoes and green peas, can be healthier and tastier with the commitment of vegan diet intact as well.

This brings to the point that vegan diet can be only be expensive as per the food items we purchase and cook accordingly.



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