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How Aashmeen Munjaal Break the bias on this International Women’s Day Sneak a Peek

After playing the role of a successful beauty entrepreneur for more than two decades, Aashmeen has now widened her horizons and teaches the “art of being” using powerful tools of metaphysics.

By practicing and using her knowledge of ontology, Aashmeen aims to reach out to people who need motivation and direction in life to accomplish their dreams and fulfill their desires. She is a certified ontologist for the past ten years, and currently imparting the knowledge of the quantum universe through her online classes and academy of Magic Words.

Breaking the Bias by Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal

Breaking the bias is not only about your personal life, professional life, or social life. It is about your sentimental and emotional life as well. Breaking the Bias is also going beyond the norms and the old patterns that exist in society, which tells us about what we should do and what we cannot do. It is going beyond your boundaries while discovering yourself and knowing yourself. We, humans, are unlimited souls. But we have put limits on ourselves that are created by our logical minds and logical boundaries. I am proud of myself that I can go beyond my boundaries!

Whenever you are confident, you are being yourself. You are not being anyone else. You are not hiding under the facade. Whenever you are yourself, there is no bias. Bias comes when you are comparing between two things. But there is no one out there. Whenever breaking the bias, it is about going beyond any comparison and multi-ness; and it is all about oneness. So, me being one with my own self is breaking the bias!



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