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Book Cover: Fat Black And A Women

Thawailnwall was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. She currently at the time of this original printing resides in Dallas Texas. After many years of enduring homelessness, she has fashioned herself as a writer, spoken word artist, visual artist, homeless advocate/activist and street resource coordinator.

Her release of this manuscript comes after her first published book Thawailnwall Presents ” Mind Juice” Hydration for the mind available on Kindle Amazon. This first compilation was drafted during various stages of her homeless experience.

She writes from the heart in her own tongue. Her shoot from the hip approach is both humorous and cleansing. She writes to create an atmosphere of freedom and peace. Her perspective of events comes from her own personal view of happenings and it impacts on her life.

Book : Fat Black and A Women

Author : Insha Caldwell Thawailnwall

Number of pages : 73

The idea of publishing began with her first book “Thawailnwall presents Mind Juice,  Hydration for the brain “. This compilation was birthed during a homeless period and bitter breakup from a romantic relationship. The journey forged to the most recent release “Fat, Black and A Woman “ the biography chronicling her life’s experiences from early childhood abuses and neglect, through her divorce and homeless period right up to today and her Hope’s for the future. She knew her story had to be told.

Author, Insha Caldwell Thawailnwall

The absolutely beautiful title comes from something her mother once told her: “If I wanted to become anything in this world I would have to overcome being fat, black and a woman…”. The title itself signifies the values of the book.

This is a book that is sure to get you on a path of positivity. This book helps you in getting your life together

Thawailnwall’s book “Fat, black and a woman” is a fascinating book for those who are struggling in their daily lives…The story helps the readers to overcome the deep fears and challenges that are abiding them from pursuing their life goals. Author has done a commendable job by sharing her story with the common people. Through her book Thawailnwall teaches us the values of Awareness and action!

This book is a wake up call to the dead, blind and mute. It’s a loud cry in the wilderness for those suffering in silence.  Those who are too afraid to speak up. Those who aren’t able to speak up.  And even more so for those who don’t speak up. This book is a point of encouragement for those who read it, will to absorb the message…

When asked about the biggest challenge in the process of book writing, Thawailnwall said, “overcoming the scars related to my story. So much pain is involved with the telling of it that I cried a lot as I wrote it out. Having to relive the events on my mind was difficult. Very difficult indeed.”

She describes her book in minimal 3 words as “Open-ended conversations”.

When asked What did she want the readers to take away from the book? she said, “Strength in the midst of a storm. I want them to know they too are strong and can overcome their struggles and not be enslaved by them.”

Thawailnwall has two upcoming projects in the near future One is a compilation of short stories and the other is a kind of self-help book. No drop dates are available at this time.



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