Tarotscope for 16-31 May by Parul P Agarwal

Parul P Agarwal

ARIES (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

This is the time to think out of the box and expect the unexpected. At work, you may feel stuck so remember you always have the choice either to change the situation or to walk out of it. In relationships, re-evaluate what is it you are looking out for as over expectations often lead to disappointments. Do not let the demands of others make you feel powerless or restricted. Expect the best even as you are preparing for the worst. Remember courage and patience can change almost any situation!

TAURUS (21 Apr – 20 May)

This fortnight you need to balance responsibility and benevolence. You may receive an unexpected gift, money raise or a compliment. You will be able to give and receive generously. Relationships are happy and balanced as long as you avoid being too needy. Just know your worthiness and be kind. Remember what you reap, you sow!

GEMINI (21 May – 20 Jun)

This fortnight you need to be bold, daring and powerful. You may face some dilemmas so you must weigh up all the alternatives in order to choose the best course of action. You will feel energetic and may have an urge to do something different. You can expect foreign travel or work related to global companies. Health and relationships will require balance of give and take.

CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

This fortnight your finances are likely to be on the upswing, largely due to your own efforts and/or wise investments. This is not the time to speculate, rather take calculated risks. Relationships are secure and comforting; singles also have a chance to meet someone exciting.  Health will remain good too but make it a point to vent out any negative feelings you may have. Overall a favorable time bringing you abundance!

LEO (23 Jul – 23 Aug)

This fortnight you will be able to use your skills, talents and experience to create something great. You can get any work done using your knowledge, strength, communication skills and confidence. This is the time to play smart and be innovative. Relationships will be harmonious and it is an excellent time for singles to go out and meet new people. Overall a very favorable period to turn your dreams into real provided you believe in them!

VIRGO (24 Aug – 22 Sep)

This fortnight your work will fetch excellent results if you just add some creativity to it. You are likely to run into an old friend or you may simply feel nostalgic. In relationships, you will feel secure and few might consider taking it to the next level too. Thoughts of home or security at home may dominate your mind.  Overall it is a favorable period that will provide you ample moments for enjoying small pleasures of life.

LIBRA (23 Sep – 23 Oct)

This fortnight you will be having mixed thoughts about yourself and life in general. Do not expect the whole system to change for you just because you think so. Avoid lies, deceit and any kind of manipulation to get ahead of others as it may cause tiff in relationships. Waste thoughts or stress may drain you out, so indulge in hobbies that calm you down. In relationships, be honest and mature. In decisions related to finance, exercise some caution. Overall just remember, enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination itself!

SCORPIO (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

This fortnight expect an unexpected business opportunity. You will feel centered and this is the ideal time to turn your ideas into action. Singles looking for marriage partner can expect a favorable proposal. Those in relationship can expect happier times ahead. Health is great too. Remember to look your life from the position of gratitude and be open to receive what comes your way!

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov – 21 Dec)

This fortnight you need to stand up for what you believe in. Things that were stuck are likely to speed up now provided you take the necessary actions. But remember not to overdo or rush into things. Your competitors might try to create hindrances for you so you need to protect your energies. Do not let people control you or belittle you.  Just believe in yourself and don’t hesitate to speak your mind. Remember you always have the power to turn the situation in your favor!

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan)

This fortnight expect some fun, celebrations and victory over obstacles. You may expect completion of projects bringing in the much needed joy, peace and harmony. Your hard work will be acknowledged and appreciated. You may spend ample time with family or relatives. Singles may meet someone exciting at an event or party and those in relationships will attend some wedding or celebration. Overall a happy period giving you ample time to do things you enjoy!

AQUARIUS (21 Jan – 18 Feb)

This fortnight you will feel confident and charged up. At work, you may expect lots of action and responsibilities, so be bold enough to act on your plans unmindful of what others think of you. You will spend a lot of time in your vehicle or simply traveling. Your work will fetch good results provided you are focused. In relationships, avoid controlling your partner and maintain healthy boundaries. Health will be vital and strong. Overall, a time to chase your dreams!

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

This fortnight your work will go on smoothly and you will be reaping the rewards of past efforts. You may expect profitable returns for your investments. It also suggests taking time-out to be sure you are meeting your goals. If you are waiting for some good news, then be patient and wait calmly as it is likely to come your way. Don’t rush into things and avoid hasty decisions. Relationships may not be your priority right now as you have other things on your mind but do not try and take it for granted too. Overall, a productive period!

Delhi Based Parul P Agarwal has carved a niche for herself as an Ace Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Past Life Healer. Parul is blessed with the powers of intuition and clairvoyance. With almost a decade long experience in this field, she is trained in multiple spiritual practices.
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