Hi, myself Shikha Sharma, today would like to aware all of you about the truth of a dry fruit that we buy only once in the year that too during DIWALI. And it is also only to gift our friends and relatives on the eve of DIWALI.

Dears, that tasty one is none other than the high powered Medicinal Dry Fruit, ‘KISHMISH’.

As soon as we hear its name, it’s an unforgettable unique taste of ‘Sour & Sweet’ conquer our heart and soul.

Among all the available dry fruits, KISHMISH tops in the list of everyday diet that immensely beneficial for our health.

Usually, our family doctors do advise us to have some KISHMISH whenever we feel weak and tired.

The medicinal contains in the KISHMISH not only provides strength but also keeps us away from various unprecedented diseases.

Now, I would like to aware all of you in regard to Medicinal benefits in addition to the methods of its use in our everyday lives.

Alert, Please! Even using KISHMISH more than required may put you in trouble of many health hazards.

So, let’s have your knowledge alert and intact to know the absolute path of Using KISHMISH(raisins).

Let some KISHMISH to be boiled for 20 minutes in a bowl of water and filter the Water into a Glass. In the next morning just drink that glass of water which would provide your body lots of benefits.

If you drink KISHMISH added boiled water(raisins mixed with boiled water) regularly during the morning, then many diseases like constipation, acidity, and fatigue will always stay away from you.

By drinking raisin(KISHMISH) water, not only does cholesterol levels become normal, but it also helps to reduce the level of triglycerides in your body.

Flavonoids antioxidant is found in abundance within the raisins(KISHMISH). This reduces wrinkles on the skin quickly and helps in accelerating the skin to glow.

Raisins(KISHMISH) water is a very beneficial beverage to deal with constipation or digestive problems, and it also keeps your digestive system well.

The liver remains strong and it also helps in controlling the level of metabolism, if you regularly keep usingKISHMISH(raisins) water.

So do not forget to add raisins(KISHMISH) to your routine diet too.


Fat To Slim Page 3 and Celebrity Dietitian And Nurtrition from KU London. Specialises in Indian Based Diet.



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