The Recipe to an Active Office Lifestyle

You must have experienced it almost on a daily basis. Your first half in the office is normally active and therefore productive but post lunch drowsiness makes you sluggish and kills your productivity. The energy and agility of the first half turns into lethargy and sloth in the second half in the office. You just can’t put yourself back to work, even if it a matter of grave urgency. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

A recent study has offered a simple solution for this problem which affects people in offices across the globe. After lunch, just take a few almonds to keep away drowsiness and lethargy. By munching on just 4 to 5 almonds, your brain stays active and functions faster than before.

How do almonds keep your body and mind Active?

Almonds wipe out your dullness

By eating Almonds after lunch, our body gets refreshed and we feel free from it, sleepy mood with your lethargy are also removed consequently.

Almond is immensely beneficial for the Body

Almond is enriched with a good amount of fat and fibers, this is why it is immensely beneficial for our health. Almonds also help in controlling the blood sugar level in your body, which is extremely beneficial for your health.

It Makes the Brain Sharp and faster

After waking up in the morning, eating Almonds every day makes the brain sharp. Almonds rich in VITAMIN E  and this is why it is very useful for the brain to turn sharper and faster than before.

Leveling your Cholesterol

By eating 3-4 Almonds daily, Cholesterol levels can be controlled easily.

Dark Circles of Eyes

Having the dark circle under the eyes is a common problem. But it also can be tackled, if you drop some almond oil messaging the dark circle smoothly before sleeping on your bed. The dark circles will be far away if you do this regularly for a month only.

Enriched with Calcium

Almond is rich in Calcium, which is very helpful for our teeth and bones.

For the Digestive System

If you have a problem like indigestion, then just eat 3-4 Almonds daily, this will improve your digestion and your stomach will always be healthy.

Blood Pressure

Almonds are highly beneficial for high blood pressure patients. Blood pressure levels are controlled by eating Almonds every day.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, eat Almonds regularly, this will reduce your weight quickly. So, being a businesswoman, I would like to have my office staff stay active with me. And Yours too….

By Srishti Gulati  

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