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Tiger Zinda Hai

Salman Khan says snake bit him thrice, but they parted as friends: ‘I clicked a photo with it’
By Saman Luqman

The actor announced PavanputraBhaijaan, the sequel to BajrangiBhaijaan, and also gave hint that there will be No Entry 2. Salman also spoke about the snake bite incident snake bit him thrice, but they parted as friends: ‘I clicked a photo with it’.

The actor celebrated his 56th birthday at his Panvel farmhouse with his family.Talking about his upcoming films he said K.V. Vijayendra Prasad is a good director. He has written the script of BajrangiBhaijaan (2016), and now he is writing its sequel too, and has named it PavanputraBhaijaan. As soon as he completes it, and I complete shooting these two films (Tiger 3 and KabhiEidKabhi Diwali), I’ll start shooting it. There might also be a sequel of No Entry, Tiger should release by December 2022.” He also mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan will come before that.

Salman explained the snake bite in detail and said he left the snake in the woods. In Panvel, the farmhouse is in the middle of the jungle, so a snake had entered one of the rooms. As soon as the snake entered the room, kids became scared, so I went in to look and asked for a stick, the stick that came was a small one so I asked for a longer stick, and they gave me one, with which, with a lot of love, I picked up the snake and brought it outside, where the snake wrapped itself on the stick and then began climbing upwards.

Salman, a man known for his dry humor, then described in detail how the reptile bit him. “The villagers here know when snakes are around,” he said. They screamed ‘Kandhari, kandhari, kandhari’ as it is a Kandhari snake. That is when the snake bit me, then there was chaos when they screamed ‘chaavla, chaavla, chaavla’ (the snake has bit), then the snake bit me again. “Hospital, hospital, hospital,” they screamed, saying that I should be taken to the hospital right away. During the commotion, the snake bit me again, as it was a bit venomous. When I was taken to the hospital, we learned that it was not the great kandhari, but a different kind of snake.”

“When we returned from the hospital, we saw the snake was still there, so we took it back to the jungle. In the meantime, I have taken anti-venom for almost all snakes, including great snakes (kandharis/cobras), vipers, because we weren’t sure if it was poisonous or not, just by looking at it. After I was given the shot, I was kept for six hours for observation,” he explained.

Salman thanked the hospital staff for treating him. He was taken to MGM Hospital in Kamothe, New Mumbai. “My sister was quite scared, but I made friends with the snake and got a picture with it,” he said. The snake must have also bitten me because it got scared the hospital was very quick to respond. They were well equipped; they had anti-venom for all kind of snake bites. Our commissioner of police — Bipin Kumar sir, our MLA SandeepNaik, all rushed to the hospital too, and it helped a lot.”

Salman said, “When my dad (veteran screenwriter Salim Khan) came to know about this incident, he called to ask if the snake is fine and alive. So I told him Tiger (from the actor’s Tiger ZindaHai) and the snake both are alive (chuckles). We did not hurt the snake, we made sure we handled it with utmost care and love.”

Salman also shared his plan for the New Year’s. “It is all going to be about spending time with family, as they are all here. I first wanted to meet my mother, but it took some time, but she was the first one to wish me on my birthday. It is my birthday and I am feeling good to be surrounded by my family.



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