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Bestselling Author Megha Bajaj is the New Voice of India

Megha Baja has often been referred to as India’s most loved author. Her latest book, The Breakthrough published by Rupa Publications has been playing a humongous role in uplifting human consciousness and has sold 13,000 plus copies already! Megha is one of those authors, whose words simply bypass the mind and go to the heart and create instant transformation. She is an ardent seeker, and a follower of Guru Mahatria.

Megha is an author mentor and an edupreneur whose WoW programs online, and as part of schools curriculums have impacted over a million students, CEO’s, home-makers, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in the last decade.

The Breakthrough, is a book about you. Though it contains the story of 11 people from across India: Praburam (Alubee), Kavish Gadia (Freadom App), Nitin Nyati (Nyati Builders) Sushiil Mehta (Jains Car Shoppe) Chitra Prasad (NSN group of schools), Dr Asha Vijay (GarbhaGudi IVF), Kanni and Uvaraj (Poorvika Mobiles), Guru Prasad Makam (Guru & Jana Chartered Accountancy Firm), Sandeep Agarwal (Ratnadeep Supermarkets) Arun Kumar Natha (inPace), Mukesh Jain (Meghdoot Textiles) who began their life with nothing, and are today trailblazers, in their stories, you will find yourself. These stories have been inspiring youth and CEOs, entrepreneurs and home-makers – and even eminent film makers who wish to create a series out of the book.

In Megha Bajaj you will find a breath of fresh air – authenticity at its best – fluidity of language and a flow that is inimitable. The book has been a record breaking one and not only had the world’s largest virtual book launch but has been known to gift a breakthrough to anyone who reads it. It is a part of school curriculums, corporate programs. Megha is a sought-after mentor/speaker and film script writer.

The Breakthrough team is conducting an enriching virtual camp this summer called 2022: Summer of Transformation at an unbelievable price for an incredible offer. Your youngster (8-18) will learn writing, speaking, self-confidence and people skills from best mentors across India and the actual cost of this workshop would have been Rs 13,500/- but is being brought to you at just Rs 495/-.

We have partnering schools like NSN Group of Schools headed by the eminent educator Chitra Prasad as well as Gayathri Ram of Shri Natesan Vidyasala – along with other humanitarian educators across the globe who wish to give their students the best experiences possible. Youth organizations are joining hands with us for this summer camp, as are corporates (as part of their CSR) to take the 2022: Summer Of Transformation to as many students as possible across the globe and gift them with life skills that will take them a very long way.

The summer camp will be conducted by bestselling authors, TedX speakers, role-model entrepreneurs and youth icons who will share their stories, their tips and tools to make your youngster have the most incredible real-life learning experiences. Don’t miss this for anything!



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