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How Pandemic Brought Change In Fitness Industry’ In Utsav’s Words

Getting into health and fitness and prioritizing to join the gym isn’t easy—we know! But staying on the right track and operating in the direction of your fitness dreams is essential.
Although this pandemic state of affairs has brought about the sudden cessation of virtually all of the outdoor activities of all of the individuals, it has profoundly hampered the bodily sports of health freaks (folks that often visit the fitness center for their bodily health), like gyms and different such locations were close down because of the lockdown.
This led to sudden troubles for health freaks, who used to spend a enormous quantity of time for ordinary exercising with a purpose to preserve their bodily health, fitness, and appearance, appear to have determined no vicinity to this point within side the literature on the subject of the contemporary pandemic state of affairs.
Supposedly, the specific studies of such human beings, their fitness troubles, and the approaches wherein they’ve handled those troubles in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic have remained underexplored. Also, it’s far famous that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for human beings to thoroughly preserve their regular bodily hobby styles at home.

Keeping this adverse situation in mind Utsav launched ”Transformation for Good ” (TFG) the name itself says transforming into something good. Started in August 2020 with a sole mission to make people aware of their Health through a Fitness diet or programs. As  health is the biggest wealth and one should take proper care of their health to avoid weakness, obesity, diseases from various mediums.

This pandemic has also taught us a lesson that our inner will power and immunity plays the key role to live a healthy and good life. Reaching out people online to make people aware of their health graph and with the dedication and strong approach it is growing and revolutionizing the Fitness Industry and captivating workout on online platform. Successfully reached 3000+members not only in India but also members connecting from US, Canada, UK, Paris, Middle East, Singapore and Many other Asian and western countries connecting via Net and seeking the fitness sessions with daily or weekly fitness plan.

Major aspect many were facing “DEPRESSION”

How Exercise helps to fight against  Depression: Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and also it lowers the rate of depression. Research has shown that exercise is an effective form for treating mild to moderate depression. To fight against depression “Exercise can be the best Solution”, where the mental instability of a mind can lead to a fresh restart to a certain extent where a person feels left out and low workouts can refresh and will keep the body warm and healthy and can make this hustle free life more steady and going.

Nothing is impossible it seems and failure is always a key to Success.

According to Utsav” This pandemic has taught us a lesson that nothing is more important than being fit within or out. People are more concerned nowadays about their health, fitness and lifestyle. The only way to lead a happy and fit Life is to Eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend time with loved ones, family or friends and a stress-free Sleep.

Definitely this will help one to grow and shine in their prospective field and will give mental stability and will also create innovations.” Sharing his personal experience with depression Utsav said ”I myself went through depression once and had a vilest phase in life to Quit! I failed twenty-one times and more but that “Hope” within me has lit every time and now it has done wonders for me.

I want to revolutionize the Fitness Industry and to appeal to everyone from my experience that “Please! Don’t easily give up, RISE and start again and keep trying.” Starting such Venture at this young age has not only boosted my unique ability but also has motivated me to live a Happy and Stress-free Life”…concluded Utsav Ghosh.

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This is how celebrities wished Happy New Year to Fans and Family

While Aliaa shared this adorable post.
While your heart will melt to see this beautiful New Year Wish from the Instagram post Of Kareena Kapoor Khan. His two teeth…the best part of 2021??????#31est December #Mera Beta# Blessed New year all…
Photo dump*
So grateful for family and friends. Here’s to celebrating life. #2022 #happynewyear Adore u @natasha.poonawalla ????
Happy New Year Everyone ?????. May your life be filled with happy colours just like the dupatta in this pic ????.

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Looks like Ananya Panday-Ishaan Khatter and also Kiara Advani-Sidharth Malhotra all saw the tiger!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh traveled to the same destination to ring in the year 2021 as Ananya Panday-Ishaan Khatter and Kiara Advani-Sidharth Malhotra. In the arid hills of Rajasthan, they visited Ranthambore National Park. One of the best places to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in the country is in the Sawai Madhopur National Park, which covers the three districts of Sawai Madhopur, Karuali, and Kota.

There is a high probability, but no guarantee, that tourists will see the big cat in the park. Ranthambore is also home to other fauna, such as hyenas, leopards, sambar deer, langur monkeys, sloth bears, among others, as well as many bird species like Bronze-winged Jacanas, Sandpipers, Painted Spurfowls, Great Horned Owls, Painted Sandgrouses, and Nightjars. The city also has the largest banyan tree in the world.
Ranthambore National Park is named for the Ranthambore Fort, which stands tall amidst the jungle to this day. In 1973, when the shrinking forest cover and the increasing tiger population brought serious concerns, Ranthambore was designated a national park and tiger reserve. The fort dates back to the 10th century and is now one of Rajasthan’s most important historical landmarks. A Jain temple and three Hindu temples are located inside. They were both recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 2013.
There is only one way to explore the national park: through guided safaris aboard six-seater jeeps or open-top trucks (canters) for larger groups of up to 20 people. From November to January, safaris are conducted in shifts of three and a half hours, one in the morning from 7 am to 10:30 am and another in the afternoon from 2 pm to 5:30 pm. Timings may vary from year to year. Safari bookings can be handled either by your travel agency or the hotel, or you can do it yourself through the Rajasthan government’s online portal. Ranthambore’s gateway, Sawai Madhopur, offers several options for accommodation in the form of luxury villas and heritage hotels. Visit sites like Surwal Lake, Kachida Valley, Lakarda-Anantpura, Trinetra Ganesh Temple, and Jogi Mahal that are nearby the National Park.

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A ‘danda’ adds some fun to Malaika Arora’s daily workout.

I like to add a bit of fun to my daily routine by adding core strengthening poses like Trikonasana and its variations,” Malaika said. Even if you have mastered a yoga pose, you can always improve. In her challenging fitness classes, Malaika Arora shows us how to do that. Malaika mastered Parivrtta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle pose recently, but with a twist. The 48-year-old used a stick or ‘danda’ in the practice.
Here’s how to do it.
*Avoid doing this pose if you have a neck or back injury.
The pose strengthens and stretches the legs, and opens the chest which improves breathing, and helps aid balance. Doing it with a stick adds more pressure to the workout and keeps the core engaged.


Top newsmaker of 2021 In National and International Entertainment World.

Aside from celebrity arrests, celebrity separations, and the takeover of foreign shows like Squid Game and Money Heist in popular culture, here’s a look at everything that set the eyeballs rolling this year in the world of entertainment.
Entertainment Desk
The movie industry did not have the biggest year this 2021. India’s film industry was rife with controversies, arrests, and legal scuffles in 2021. Unfortunately, these made more noise than actual film releases (when they occurred). We have compiled a shortlist of the entertainment newsmakers that made the biggest splashes, both nationally and internationally.
The Raj Kundra probe in pornography creation
A five-month-long investigation led to the arrest of actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra. An FIR was filed against Kundra in February, which led to his arrest. Kundra, according to the police, was responsible for creating and distributing pornographic content via OTT services. Shilpa, however, denied having any knowledge of the matter during the investigation. After the investigation, Kundra was granted bail on September 20. The case is still pending.
Aryan Khan arrest, and Ananya Panday probe in drug trafficking

Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on October 3 for an alleged drug bust. NCB asserted that there was evidence linking Aryan and his two other friends (Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha) to international drug trafficking, despite the fact that Aryan was not found in possession of any drugs. Aryan was finally granted bail on October 28. Although the bail formalities took a while longer than expected, SRK was released on October 30, much to the relief of his parents and fans. Despite his arrest, things got ugly on social media as they always do when such a big name gets involved with anything remotely controversial. While SRK’s loyalists mud-slung him, close friends like Salman Khan, Suniel Shetty, Hrithik Roshan, and Juhi Chawla stood by him. The NCB also questioned actor Ananya Panday about the case while Aryan served his time at Arthur Road Jail. After finding relevant conversations between Khan and Panday over WhatsApp, the NCB knocked on Panday’s door.
Munawar Faruqui probe hurting religious sentiments

On January 1, stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui was arrested for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. The complaint was filed against the comedian by Eklavya Singh, the son of a BJP MLA. Munawar, along with four others, was also accused of holding a show without following all Covid protocols. According to Munawar’s lawyer, the case against him was filed only as a result of political pressure. On February 6, Faruqui was released from jail after spending nearly a month in jail after being granted bail. As the Supreme Court granted interim bail to the artist, it cited the FIR as vague.
 The Tandav controversy
Tandav, helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar, was one of the most anticipated web series of the year. Tandav immediately caught everyone’s attention after its release on January 15 when it made some creative choices. Initially, the trolling happened online, and then things gained momentum and the first FIR was filed against the makers by BJP MLA Ram Kadam for violating ‘religious sentiments.’ In Lucknow an FIR was filed for portraying Hindu deities in a negative light, and the show was also accused of ‘spreading communal tensions.’ Abbas Zafar issued two statements, the first consisting of an apology, and the second confirming that he had decided to ‘implement changes’ so as to avoid upsetting anyone unintentionally. Additionally, multiple FIRs were filed against the team in Haryana and parts of Uttar Pradesh, calling for a complete ban on the show.
Shershaah and Sooryavanshi’s success
PVC Vikram Batra’s biopic Shershaah, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, won enormous popularity from not only fans, but also industry insiders. Presented the story of the late decorated army officer, the film was applauded for its subtle depiction of patriotism. The film was bankrolled by Karan Johar. In the meantime, Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi was the first de facto hit at the box office in 2021.
The rise of Adarsh Gourav and the success of The Great Indian Kitchen
Adarsh Gourav, the actor of The White Tiger, was also a new face this year. Adarsh starred in the Netflix movie as the lead role, which earned him a BAFTA nomination as well as catapulted him to stardom. Hollywood legend Meryl Streep will now work with Adarsh on a new drama series, Extrapolations.
Malayalam film The Great Indian Kitchen proved to be a thoughtful, well-made and necessary viewing thanks to its home-grown success. The film, directed by Jeo Baby, won great acclaim for its depiction of gender dynamics in a new marriage and the entrenched patriarchy that follows women everywhere.
As the year comes to  a close, some of the most beloved celebrity couples decided to call it quits and forge independent paths while promising friendship to each other. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao in their joint statement about their split, said, “We have shared a lifetime of experiences, joy, and laughter, and our relationship has only grown in trust, respect, and love.”. Today, we are starting a new chapter in our lives as co-parents and The pair announced that they continue to work together professionally as well. They announced their separation in July.
Another popular couple, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya, announced in October that they were no longer together. The former couple tied the knot in 2017.
The Meghan Markle-Oprah Winfrey interview
One piece of news dominated the papers and websites earlier this year, The Oprah Winfrey interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. People wept, their mouths were agape, and ‘revelations’ were delivered. Meghan confessed she contemplated suicide after Harry stated on record that he felt trapped in the royal household. The massively watched interview raised issues relating to mental health and racism.
Britney Spears finally freed from conservatorship
Almost 14 years long conservatorship ended, that controlled Spears life and monetary situation. The conservatorship got dissolved by Los Angeles judge and finally let her free. The conservatorship came into place when Britney was only 26 and had become a new mother. Controlled by her father James Spears, the legal binding was enforced post Britney’s very public mental health battles. Her fans rejoiced after Britney thanked the almighty on social media after the landmark announcement. Currently, she and her sons are enjoying their teenage years as she prepares to be married.
International entertainment
Even as the world became obsessed by South Korean entertainment squid game and Kim K dominated headlines, there were other happenings that managed to shake up the readers.
Foreign language shows caught global fancy from Squid Game to Money Heist Audiences went gaga whether over South Korean show Squid Game and Spanish-language show Money Heist were all people could talk about once the shows were released on Netflix. Money Heist’s loyal and ever-growing fan base could not have been more eagerly anticipating its final season. Squid Game creators have revealed they are working on a second season.
Marvel love
Marvel Studios hasn’t lost their mojo entirely due to Shanghai and the Legend of Ten Rings, Spider-Man No Way Home’s box office success, and the internet love they have received. Fans are having a hard time connecting with the company. However, the latest Spider-Man flick helped change things. Five days after its release, No Way Home reached the milestone of Rs 120 crore in the Indian market.
 Comedian controversy
The first incident was when Dave Chapelle was under fire for making objectionable jokes about the trans community. As well, back home comedian Vir Das apologized after his jokes about transgender people quickly went viral online. Although Vir asked for forgiveness for the ‘uninformed’ nature of the joke, Chapelle does not believe he should be canceled. He stated that he will not make jokes about the trans community in the future, elaborating further that he will not be summoned to discuss issues that upset them.

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Now is the time to realize your dreams

Shivani always anticipated a normal life just like any other girl hailing from Delhi. She never had very high aspirations or life-sized dreams. She even got what she ever hoped for; a quality education, a promising career, a lovely married life as a working woman as well as a homemaker and two wonderful kids. But then life does not always work the way you expect it to. It has its own ups and downs. It sometimes shatters you completely from inside with a cruel blow and then uplifts your spirits with a truly amazing and unexpected gift, reviving you with the strength to move on.
That’s the story of Shivani Saxena, a 43-year-old wife, mother, lecturer, homemaker, fitness enthusiast and model. Shivani did her schooling from DAV model school and her Graduation from Delhi University. She also did Teacher’s Training and a Fashion Designing & Merchandising course besides accomplishing her Post Graduation in Textile Science.
Shivani has been married to Saket Anand for 22 years who is a working professional with an MNC. Apart from being a caring and loving spouse, Saketisalso a doting father. Shivani and Saket were blessed with a son, Vedant and a daughter, Saanvi. Just when life seemed perfect and Shivani considered herself fortunate enough to have such a wonderful family, fate had something terrible in store for them. Two years back, seventeen-year-old Vedant was snatched away from them by the cruel hands of destiny in a road accident. Shivani’s world fell apart and she felt as if she will never be able to overcome her grief. But thankfully with the support of her loving husband and her in-laws, she conjured up the strength to fight her anguish and managed to get back on her feet again.
Despite of her attractive looks and pleasing personality, the thought of modelling or participating in a Beauty Pageant never crossed Shivani’s mind until she turned forty. But as someone has very rightly said; it’s never too late to start dreaming. Shivani came to know about the ‘Mrs Delhi NCR’ beauty pageant on social network. She enrolled and was not merely shortlisted to participate but ended up winning the title of “GOODWILL AMBASSADOR Mrs Delhi NCR 2019”.
“I always kept myself well-groomed and fit but it was only after forty that I seriously considered pursuing modelling.  Participating in the pageant was my first step in this direction and since then I have done various fashion shows & photo shoots for magazines, clothing brands and jewellery.”, replied Shivani when asked about her new-found passion.
Shivani gives the credit of her success to her husband and her in-laws, especially her mother-in-law who stood by her for every career choice she made. She says when her kids were young, she took a break from her career to focus on her children but as they grew up, she decided to concentrate on her career again and pursue her own interests. This decision of hers was also supported by her family.
When we asked Shivani to share the secret of her everlasting beauty and fitness, she had the following pearls of wisdom to share, “I have always taken pride in following a healthy lifestyle, I stay away from Junk food and enjoy simple home cooked food. I drink lots of water, I believe in the practice of sleeping early and waking up early. I do Yoga and Aerobics at least 5 days a week, which improves my metabolism and keeps a check on my weight.”
Shivani Saxena stands today amongst us as an embodiment of the quintessential woman whose unyielding and undying spirit motivates us to bounce back no matter how rough life treats us. She is a true inspiration and a living example for our those readers who dream of becoming something in life but either think that it’s too late to realize their dreams or are too bogged down by the tribulations of life. KUDOS SHIVANI!!

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“Believe in your dreams and work on it – This is my mantra…” DJ Farmeen

Farmeen Rahman, known as DJ Farmeen is one of the Indian DJs who has successfully been able to motivate aspiring female DJs to try their passion in the field of music. With a degree of Journalism and Mass communication, Farmeen has served as International Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways in her 20s. She is a complete clubbing soul, a nightlife lover and possesses a great understanding of music.
The Asian Chronicle got DJ Farmeen to answer some of the questions related to her journey and life of a Female DJ in India.
Interview by Bhoomika Mohan

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you begin your journey as a DJ?
Since my childhood, I have a sense of emotional attachment with the beats of music. Whenever I listen to the beats, I can feel them running through my body. I’ve been lucky to realize that at a very tender age. After my schooling was complete, I started attending DJ concerts and I could feel the urge to develop songs on my own. This urge got me to join a dj academy and that was where I learned all the basics.
Luckily, within a month, I started getting gigs from different clubs in Bangalore. And that was how my career as a DJ began.
Who do you admire in the industry? Is there someone you look up to, for inspiration?
Yes, of course, I  admire Martin Garrix, Hardwell and  Nervo. I love listening to music. I also love the way they perform and they inspire me by how they have established themselves in the industry.
For me, internal motivation is the key. Inspiration comes from everywhere, but most of the time, it is from the audience in front of me. It is just the music and the crowd. It gives me pure joy when the entire crowd unites on my music.
Do you think gender biases exist in the industry? Or do you think the scenario is improving!
If I speak very personally, I don’t think there are any gender biases in the Industry. Anyone who has required talent gets the chance to perform. It is only about how aware you are and how smartly you grab the opportunity in front of you. In fact, it is female DJs these days who are in huge demand than the males DJs.
Do you think Indian society is becoming more accepting of female DJs? Were your parents supportive?
Yes, I am very proud to say that Indian Society is becoming accepting of female DJs. Nowadays, most of the events in clubs or even at private parties, people prefer female DJs.
As far as my parents’ reaction is concerned. I have been very lucky. I think they’re the most important people in my journey. Had they not supported me in everything that I wanted to do in my career, I wouldn’t have been here.
Do you often find yourself faced with concerns about morality? How do you deal with unfavorable reactions? Do you ignore them or encourage meaningful discussion?
Thanks to Allah, I have never faced negative feedback. I welcome critics, they help me get better at work, and I admire my followers, they help me grow. They never question morality. I believe in positivity and spreading happiness and surround myself with people who do the same.
Do you prefer to live gigs and tours, over studio recordings and album releases?
Yes, I prefer to live gigs and tours because they give me a chance to feel a direct connection with the audience. I also make remixes and release them every month. Currently, I am working on an original track which will be released pretty soon.
Is there a word of advice you would like to give to the upcoming DJs, especially females?
Believe in your dreams and work on it- This is my mantra. I follow the very basic “Never give up” approach. Life is full of surprises, welcome them. If u are really interested and dedicated to work for something, I believe no one and nothing can stop you. This industry is very welcoming. Follow your passion and work harder than yesterday. That is what I’ve got to say to the aspiring DJs.



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